Aromatherapy and Medicine of the Soul

“The Wounded Healer, The Alchemical Journey and The Sacred Union.”

What You Will Learn

This course online course will you teach to:

  • Build a vocabulary for understanding the transformative processes of the human psyche.
  • Develop a visceral sense of what these transformative processes feel like, so we can recognize them in ourselves and in our clients.
  • Develop a deep understanding of the archetype of the wounded healer and how healing ourselves is foundational for healing others.
  • Learn how to use essential oils to enhance these transformative processes
  • Learn how to use essential oils to communicate with the unconscious.
  • Develop an approach to transform challenging emotional states into opportunities for personal growth

Course Summary

The course provides experiential, transformative work on major themes such as: The Anatomy of the Psyche, the Wounded Healer, the Shadow, Archetypes, aromatic molecules and much more all within the framework of the inner alchemical journey inspired by the work of Carl Jung. Our guides are essential oils, hydrosols and plants. At the core of this class, we will learn to work with them intuitively as our living allies and teachers. Aromatherapy and Medicine of the Soul is a unique, invaluable and much needed framework providing essential tools for working with yourself and your clients on a deep, intuitive, soul level—holistic healing in the true sense. Throughout the class there are videos of us explaining the different alchemical stages using the beautiful landscape and plants of northern New Mexico for illustration as well as audios that guide you through some of the exercises and meditations. This work provides not only tools and a structure to work within but is also a transformational journey in its own right!

Course Outline

  • MODULE ONE: Introduction to Aromatherapy and Medicine of the Soul: Preparing for the Journey, Journaling, Sourcing the right oils for this work.
  •  MODULE TWO: Introduction with Cathy.
  •  MODULE THREE: Jung, Alchemy and Aromatherapy: Intro to Jung & Marion Woodman, Basic Jungian Concepts Jung’s view of Alchemy and a brief history of Alchemy Functions of the Psyche (concentric circles), Why combine Jung and Aromatherapy?
  •  MODULE FOUR: The Wounded Healer & Connectedness, Our Wound is the Wound, The Molecules of Connectedness: Cathy interviews Florian about molecules of connectedness, Holistic Seeing and Being, Introduction to Essential Oils and Hydrosols, Sprout: Mask Journey.
  •  MODULE FIVE: Plant Communication, Plants as Sensory Beings, Do Plants have Self-Awareness? The Stages of Plant Communication, Barriers to Plant Communication, Plant Communication Exercises.
  •  MODULE SIX: The Alchemical Journey Begins
  • Stage One: Calcinatio
  • Stage Two: Solutio
  • Stage Three: Coagulatio
  • Stage Four: Sublimatio
  • Stage Five: Mortificatio
  • Stage Six: Separatio
  • Stage Seven: Conjunctio.

MODULE SEVEN: Continuing the Journey: In yourself, In your work.

Who is this Course for?

  • Aromatherapists who want to develop and deepen their work by integrating new tools and a solid framework for healing the soul, mind and emotions.
  • Herbalists wanting in-depth tools for working with mind and emotions and who are interested in using aromas in this way.
  • Bodyworkers looking to develop their work with aroma to integrate the underlying emotional and spiritual states of their clients.
  • Psychotherapists wanting to integrate essential oils into their practice with a workable framework.
  • All therapists and healers who feel the need to work on their own inner journey in order to help their clients from a place of empathic understanding.
  • Individuals who have already began a journey of self evolution and inner healing and wants new tools and a solid framework to continue this work with.

What is Included in the Class?

This course will engage all your senses through:

  • 30 Lessons in fourteen modules with extensive illustrations, links and in-depth, hands-on exercises
  • 12 Videos featuring the magical landscape of northern New Mexico to illuminate the teachings
  • 14 Exclusive audios of guided exercises, meditations and in-depth conversations
  • Lifetime access to course as a lifelong resource for personal growth
  • Private Facebook page exclusively for students for ongoing discussion and community
  • A KIT for the exercises containing rare and precious essential oils and hydrosols made by Cathy and Florian and other natural materials. The cost of the kit and shipping within the US is included in the cost of the course. There is an additional charge for shipping the kit to students in other countries. The kit is an integral part of the course and required for many of the exercises

What Makes the Alchemy Online Class Unique and Different?

When we set out to create an online version of our workshop “Aromatherapy & Medicine of the Soul”, we at first struggled how to approach it. We didn’t know how to convey the transformative experience that participants experienced in our live class in an online format. As we started working on it, we began to realize that the online class and the live class are on the same topic, i.e. how to use aromatics for personal growth and transformation, but that they are fundamentally different classes. The online class and the live workshop complement and complete each other. What the live workshop offers is the direct experience of the alchemical stages and the power of aromatics in a supportive group environment. The limitation of the live workshop is that it’s compressed into a very intense two days. What the online class format uniquely offers is that there is no time constraint and someone going through the online class can take as long as they want on each module, e.g. weeks to months. This also allowed us to include more exercises in the online class and to make the exercises more detailed and elaborate. You can think of the live workshop as a ‘crash course’ that gives you one form of experiential learning and the online class as a more in-depth opportunity to understand our approach by correlating the topics of the online class with your own growth experiences in your life over weeks, months and years. The best way to really learn from and growth with our approach is to experience both the live workshop and the online class. We feel they illuminate each other to form a more complete understanding. We often get asked during the live workshop “How can we continue to learn about this?” For now, the best way is to consider the online class. We are also working on applying our approach to a range of topics, including the Alchemy of Menopause, the Alchemy of Relationship and others. We are also exploring ways to offer continued guidance, e.g. regular online case conferences and webinars. We  also offer a live ‘teacher training intensive’ that enables participants to teach this approach themselves.




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Course Teachers

Cathy Skipper

Cathy Skipper

Cathy Skipper and Florian Birkmayer teach this class together. They combine their individual experiences and expertise of plant medicine, aromatic healing, the wounded healer, clinical experience and soul transformation to bring you a unique and in-depth course. This course won’t just change your work, it will change your life.

Florian Birkmayer MD

Florian Birkmayer MD

From Our Students

“I really appreciate the depth of your knowledge on the subjects of alchemy and aromatherapy, and the many years of experience you each brought to the course.

-Billie K

“Engaging aromatics on the alchemical journey was a particular gift: they are profound allies in providing a sense of enduring sanctuary in my heart and in the world.”

-Kristina B

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