Intuitive Plant Communication

With Cathy Skipper

When we are ‘In Relationship’ with Nature, we are much more Likely to Respect and Protect it. This Course will Teach you to Learn from Plants and what they Know, not just About Plants and What they Do for us.

If you are an aromatherapist or herbalist and work with plant medicines, it is important to develop an ongoing “conversation” with the plants that you are working with. Enhance your practice by re-learning how to connect with and learn from plants, which our ancestors practiced intuitively. “It is not enough to see plants as a commodity, i.e. a bundle of chemical constituents with specific actions. Our relationship must go deeper and recognize the ‘aliveness’ of our healing partners.”

What you will Learn

  • A practical, working method to intuitively connect with plants and trees.
  • The common language that has always existed between man and plants.
  • How to develop your own personal wisdom and unique path hand in hand with the natural world through a wide variety of exercises and experiences.
  • A deeper understanding of plant consciousness.
  • An ongoing dialogue with the natural world.
  • How to make more effective plant medicines that resonate with the plant’s soul

Main Themes

  • How Indigenous wisdom and ancient earth cults can help us today.
  • Nature and our psyches – ourselves as an integral part of nature and the importance of this in terms of health and vitality.
  • The ecological crisis and the need to reconnect with the earth.
  • Our deep link and dependance on plant life.
  • How plants are our ancestors, alive in the memory of our cells.
  • Plants as sensory and intelligent beings.
  • The common language between plants and ourselves
  • The collective unconscious and plant consciousness
  • The collective soul of plants
  • The five barriers to successful plant communication and how to overcome them.
  • Opening the heart doorway, the portal for soul to soul communication.
  • Trees as masters. What trees know. Working with tree wands and tree calendars.
  • Plant communication, plant harvesting and medicine making.

Course Outline

MODULE ONE Introduction to Plant Communication Course Welcome from Cathy, Getting Started, The Background Story, Sprout: Journaling

MODULE TWO Our Relationship to Nature Introduction to Plant Communication, Introduction to Our Relationship with Nature, Lesson 1: The Situation As It Is, Lesson 2: How earth-centered Cultures Relate to the Natural World?, Lesson 3: Feeling the Whole, Lesson 4: Ley-lines, the Wouivre and Song Lines, Lesson 5: Artemis and Honoring the Wild Feminine, Lesson 6: Do Plants Have Self-Awareness?

MODULE THREE Plants and Human Introduction to Plants and Humans, Sprout: Interview with Florian Birkmayer, Lesson 1: Plants as Intelligent Beings, Lesson 2: Plants as Sensory Beings, Lesson 3: Plants as Our Ancestors, Lesson 4: The Doctrine of Signatures, Lesson 5: Holistic Seeing and Being, Lesson 6: The Molecules of Connectedness, Lesson 7: The Etheric Body

MODULE FOUR Intuitive Plant Communication Introduction to Intuitive Plant Communication, Preface: Some Basic Guidelines for Successful Plant Communication, Lesson 1: Introduction to the Method, Lesson 2: Preparing the Method, Lesson 3: Perceiving Place Through Our Senses, Lesson 4: Direct Perception, Lesson 5: Opening the Heart Doorway, Lesson 6: The Energetic Field of a Plant, Lesson 7: The Stages of Plant Communication, Lesson 8: Barriers to Plant Communication, Lesson 9: Remembering a Plant’s Tonality, Lesson 10: Connecting with Plants at a Distance, Lesson 11: Plant Teachings

MODULE FIVE Trees as Healers Introduction to Trees as Healers, Lesson 1: Tree Wisdom, Lesson 2: Connecting with Trees, Lesson 3: Tree Teachings, Lesson 4: Grounding

MODULE SIX Plant Medicine Introduction: Plant Medicine, Lesson 1: Plant Medicine Making, Lesson 2: The Art of Making Offerings, Lesson 3: Co-creating a Garden with Nature

MODULE SEVEN Sprout Videos Interviews

MODULE EIGHT Course Completion MODULE NINE Resources

Who is this Course for?

  • Anyone who wants to develop a more intuitive approach to their relationship with plants through a coherent framework and tried and tested pedagogic exercises.
  • Herbalists and aromatherapists who feel that they need to go further into relationship and connection with the plants they work with.
  • Educators and therapists who desire to develop wilderness work and help students and clients reconnect with nature.

“Plato introduces in his works the mediating importance of soul or that part of ourselves that not only bears life but is the bridge between the sensible and the intelligible”


Class Content

  • 8 modules, 31 lessons devoted to cultivating your relationship to and with plants.
  • 37 exclusive audio recordings
  • Two exclusive 15-minute videos
  • Student forum to share experiences and learn together!
  • Student support and interaction with Cathy Skipper.






 Class Teacher Cathy Skipper

“Learning the language of plants is learning to feel through our subtle senses and to build our own unique and personal relationship with the plants. This is nothing new, it has been the way humans throughout history have always related to plants.”

I am so humbly grateful for this class Cathy, it has been completely life changing so far! I have met a large family of pines close to my home that I now feel an incredible connection with. It was wonderful beginning with the smaller plants and gradually moving to meeting the trees, a perfect flow. Working my way through this class has been completely altering for me. I feel like I am picking up on a path that I left behind as a young child. I feel like my community of friends has expanded exponentially to include the plants, animals, even minerals, sky, earth, wind, clouds etc. What an incredible opportunity this has been so far!


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