A Comprehensive Guide to Buying Essential Oils


“A Step by Step Guide Designed to Help you Navigate the Essential Oil Market and Make Sure you Buy Quality Oils.”

Online Class with Jah Skipper

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Class Outline

How to use this class and its tools

General Introduction

Module 1: Steps Before Buying

    • What to consider before purchasing Essential Oils
    • Defining Our Motives
    • The Specialized Bibliography

Module 2: Steps While Buying

 Lesson 1: Is it a 100% pure essential oil?

  • Common aromatic products
  • A tool for deciding what oils to purchase
  • Resources and a table of aromatic products for each plant

 Lesson 2: Adulteration

  • The main methods of adulteration
  • Adulteration and purity testing
  • Standardization, conformity and purity
  • How to interpret GC/MS results
  • An overview of testing methods
  • How to interpret test results provided by companies

Lesson 3: How to reliably identify an essential oil

  • The importance of proper essential oil naming
  • Standards and naming guidelines
  • Botanical naming
  • The power of botanical naming
  • The limitations of botanical naming
  • A Questionnaire to evaluate naming

 Lesson 4: The Power of Origins and the importance of traceability

  • Geographic origins
  • Geographic origins questionnaire
  • Wildcrafted, cultivated, organic, biodynamic, conventional
  • Origin questionnaire

Lesson 5: Pricing and Thresholds

  • Pricing – a powerful indicator
  • Using price to guide us
  • A table of acceptable price ranges
  • Pricing questionnaire

 Lesson 6: Plant Conservation and Responsible Essential Oil Buying

  • Selecting oils responsibly
  • Wildcrafted products
  • The Red List of endangered species
  • How to determine if an EO plant species is endangered

 Lesson 7: Defining Your Own Ethical Sensitivities and Standards

 Lesson 8: Essential Oil Safety

  • Banned and restricted essential oil plants
  • Safety questionnaire

 General Conclusion



Who this class is for?


  • Anyone who wants to know what they are buying when purchasing essential oils
  • Professional and laypeople who want to make informed choices when purchasing essential oils
  • Anyone interested in understanding the language behind the packaging of an essential oil.

A Great Investment


I am thoroughly enjoying the course. Just as Florian said in the introduction, even if you think you know how to buy essential oils safely, there is still so much more information on this course. It’s great to be a lifelong learner and remain current and relevant. I need to slow down to absorb everything. A great investment thanks.” Wendy Condie Wilkinson

Class Teacher – Jah Skipper

“In a mostly unregulated market, it is up to us, the consumers to become self-reliant enough to discriminate potentially unsafe and lower quality oils.

For me it is a way of honoring the power of the plant world, to accept that in order to access their virtues one needs to be able to recognize them with precision.”


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