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Cathy Skipper smilingDo you feel the pull to tune into your ancestral wisdom but are confused about how to start?

Do the traumas of your ancestors impact your life and need ancestral healing?

Would you like to know how to use ancestral medicine with your clients?

Ancestral healing is a powerful and important part of any healing modality and one that up until now has often been forgotten.


My name is Cathy Skipper and I have been drawn to the world of the ancestors since I was a young child. My maternal line comes from a race of people often referred to as ‘The Secret Race’.

I spent the first part of my life living out the traumas of my people without knowing why or how. To find out more about how I healed my maternal lineage read my recent blog post “Healing the Mother Line.”

Once I began consciously undertaking my own ancestral healing work, I realized its importance and influence on both an Individual Level AND a Global Level.

My life’s purpose is to help integrate this sphere of medicine into the world.

I am extremely grateful to be able to share this work with you in this online class!


   We Are 

   Being Called



Unresolved trauma in past generations finds a way to repeat itself. We feel the trauma inside ourselves, until someone finally transforms it. At this time in history many of us are being called to do this transformational work and integrate traumas that have been passed down from past generations. As we work to transform our personal traumas, these transformations echo out into our families and communities. The more we collectively become aware of the need to re-think our way of being in the world and where we are heading, the more it becomes apparent that in order to heal the future, we need to heal the past.


We women need to work on healing our maternal inheritance. Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) is just a small percentage of our DNA, separate from nuclear DNA and is passed down uniquely through the maternal line, through the egg cells. There is a ‘She’ that is the same ‘She’ in myself, my mother, my grandmother, my great-grandmother and so on. The feminine rising is coming from this trans-generational ‘She.’ The feminine in our bloodlines is pushing us to give her a voice. The voice she never had, the name that was taken from her, the place that was stolen from her. This lineage is calling to be healed.


Heal Your   









We need to learn how to work with the ancestors to heal the past, ourselves and future generations. There are three common emotional textures that are often related to historic and trans-generational traumas: Loss and DespairVictimhood, and Shame and Guilt. If these are first reactions that you or your clients have to common challenges, obstacles and confrontations, the solution could be in healing the past. It is up to us!

What you will get out of this class

A Sense of Belonging

A living connection to your Healthy Ancestors

Practical skills for researching your ancestry

The skills and power to heal long-standing traumas and unconscious patterns

How to help others using Ancestral Healing

Start anytime and enjoy lifetime access.


This class is for everyone who is interested in healing their ancestral connection.

You can sign up for and start the class anytime. The modules will be released every 2 weeks or sooner. This means that when you sign up you will have access to the first modules and get access to subsequent modules gradually. This gives you the time to do the exercises in each module before moving on to the next module.

Class Outline



   Module 1

   Ancestral Research

   and Connection



   Module 2

   Trans-Generational and

   Historical Trauma



   Module 3

   Plants, Oils & Journeying

   To Make This Work Real



   Module 4

   Bringing It

   All Together



  • History of ancestral recognition & ancestral worship in different cultures. Plants used for ancestral worship and ritual.
  • Plotting out the four ancestral lineages
    • their influence in your life
    • which lineage to work on first.
  • Maternal bloodlines in different cultures
    • Maternal ancestry & mtDNA
    • mtDNA & its effect on the feminine.
    • Connecting with female ancestral groups in pre-patriarchal times
  • DNA testing.
    • The pros and cons
    • How to interpret & use the information
    • Mapping out genealogy & lineages
    • Historical research
  • Identifying and connecting with healthy ancestral groups and your indigenous people.
  • The gifts and medicines and plants from your ancestral lineages
  • Personal and collective historical trauma




  • How trauma is inherited epigenetically
  • Identifying trauma and unresolved grief linked to it
  • How challenges in our lives can relate to transgenerational or collective traumas
  • Perpetrator and bystander and descendants of each group
  • Common emotions related to trans-generational and historical trauma
    • Loss, despair, victimhood, shame and guilt
  • Identifying legacy and aftermath as ways historical trauma is passed down
  • Facing history, healing wounds, making connections and taking action. Using oils for shadow work.
  • Tonalities of trauma in different historical contexts and countries
  • The hidden gift in the trauma story. Using oils for shadow work. 


  • Using a model of the psyche  + plants and oils to identify the wounding
  • Using plants and oils to help release cellular memories.
  • Using plants and oils to create safe boundaries, make offerings and rituals.
  • Working with plants and the heart doorway, we will look at ways of feeling/processing and forgiving in relation to historical trauma.
  • Identify the plant knowledge that you have inherited from your ancestors



  • Identifying and working with the ancestral gifts that you have inherited from your lineages.
  • Importance of stories being told
  • Holding space for your healthy ancestral group to heal the lineage.
  • Recognizing, taking responsability for and healing he grief and wounds you are holding for your lineage.
  • Personal plans of action




Course Content


25 videos lessons

25 text lessons

Exercises and research advice

Guided visualizations

Access to a private Facebook Group

Lifetime Access to the Class

Certification on Completion of the class


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