Teacher Training Intensive 

A 6-day Intensive Program in New Mexico.

AromaGnosis Teacher Training Intensive

Taos, NM – Sunday October 18 to Sunday October 25, 2020


Price: including food, accommodation + materials $2700.

                                         Early-Bird before August 1, 2020 $2300.

                                                 Payment Plan Available.

                                 To book contact us at: info@aromagnosis.com




We are now offering our third teacher training program for students of AromaGnosis who would like to use these principles and working modalities in their own work.

We are offering a 6 day program in New Mexico May 2nd-9th 2020. We will work intensively together both indoors and in nature to teach you how to hold the space, create the framework and offer the experiences necessary to teach others how to use aroma to deepen their own soul’s journeys through the alchemical stages. 

There is a growing need for people to learn how to journey inwards for self-healing in a coherent, structured and effective way and to be able to use aromatics, their sense of smell and intuitive plant communication as allies on this important journey. We have developed a teacher training program that blends the concepts of Carl Jung, aromatics and intuitive knowing in a way that can be applied to all healing modalities. Our teaching philosophy is empowerment, passion and the development of personal myth.

This unique teacher training is not about teaching information, it is about teaching process. The content of the program is adaptable to all healing modalities. We will help you develop your unique and individual signature as a soul medicine teacher. 

This 6-day intensive program is aimed at professionals that are passionate about teaching an intuitive method of learning to work with plants and aromatics for deep, profound inner healing and transformation. The program will give you the structure, skills, tools, experiences and passion to want to adapt this work to your own healing modality. Upon completion of the course participants will not only have the necessary foundation in the basic concepts, alchemical stages and intuitive working methods to teach others but will have discovered their own personal approach to the work giving them distinctive qualities to lead then forward in their teaching journeys.  

Cathy Skipper and Dr. Florian Birkmayer between them have more than forty years of teaching experience combined with professional healing modalities. They will guide you step by step through hands on experience on how to develop your individualized teaching style using their tried and tested tools and structures in a way that is not being offered anywhere else.    

The course will prepare you to teach both in the classroom, in nature, in community groups, in specialized centers. It will give you the basis to develop the alchemical journey to a huge variety of themes including trauma, addiction, self development, women’s work, environmental challenges and much more. It will also teach you how to work intuitively and energetically with plants and aromatics in a coherent, structured way and to teach others this important aspect of plant medicine.   

Who is this Class for?

This class is for healers, therapists, herbalists, aromatherapists and anyone studying or working in the healing professions. 


Pre-Requisites for this Program Include:

  • Participants must have completed one of our online classes OR one live class.

The online classes include ‘Alchemy: The Medicine of the Soul’, ‘The Alchemy of Menopause’, ‘Ancestral Healing’ or ‘Intuitive Plant Communication’.

The Live classes are ‘Alchemy: The Medicine of the Soul’, ‘Aromatherapy for Trauma and Addiction’, ‘Ancestral Healing’, ‘The Alchemy of Menopause’ or ‘The Alchemy of Relationship.’

Participants must be professional in a healing modality, i.e. herbalist, psychologist aromatherapist, massage therapist.


What the course will cover

  • Tools for teaching this material – the specifics of this unique pedagogy
  • Creating safe space, relationship building, creating a safe group, building confidence, giving everyone the chance to participate, including everyone in a way each person feels seen and safe.
  • Adapting the work to specific audiences and modalities
  • The basic concepts and how to teach them in ways that are adapted to your modality
  • The alchemical stages – what they are, why are they so powerful and how can they be used in different healing modalities.
  • The mind and aroma – the importance of aroma in healing the mind, soul and spirit.
  • Intuitive plant communication – how to teach others to feel and learn the language of plants
  • Creating experiences
  • Choosing oils and plants to work with.
  • Timing
  • Knowing where you are going and how you are going to get there, while at the same time leaving space for fluidity and the unknown.

To Apply: Please email us at info@aromagnosis.com a personal statement regarding how you envision incorporating the AromagGnosis approach into your healing practice. Also please send us a CV or a short description of your healing practice and experience.


Price $2700 includes accommodations, all meals and materials.  Payment Plan Available.

Early Bird before Aug 1, 2020: $2300.


For any questions please contact info@aromagnosis.com


Some Moments from the First Session

“It has taken me a few days to come to my senses (no pun intended) and be able to articulate all I am distilling within myself and I look forward to how this trip has inspired a change within that will help me to grow with my craft and share my work all through the power of scent and inner awareness”. Suzanne Barroso

Thank you Cathy , for your teachings on Animus and the Feminine. They came thru me today … and touched several young women in places most needed.”  Mary Beth Mc Bride

Daily anointing with rose attar myself. Have also been working with Champaca in remembrance of our animus work. Hard to explain the shift, but it is so real“. Erika Galentin

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