Ancestral Healing

A Five Month Subscription


Join us for this five-month guided journey into Ancestral Healing. 

Ancestral Healing is an important aspect of all inner healing. We cannot ignore the past and those who came before us as their lives affect us in many ways.  Ancestral Healing is the process of identifying, transforming, and healing any ancestral wounds that have been passed down through the generations.

In this subscription, with the help of plant medicines, you will learn to recognize the patterns that are influencing your life or the lives of your clients and the ways in which to transform them so instead of re-living the traumas, you are able to benefit from the gifts of your ancestors, heal the trans-generation traumas and celebrate their often hidden legacies.  

The lesson package you will receive each month will guide you through the steps that we use in our work in Ancestral Healing. They are multi-faceted and holistic, involving all aspects of the psyche, i.e. the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.  You will also learn practical aspects, such as working with DNA testing and various DNA databases and how to research your lineage.

 Each month, you will be able to partner with herbs, aromas, precious stones, and other spiritual tools to get hands-on practical guidance and to develop an understanding of the way in which ancestral connection and healing is necessary not only for individual but also collective healing.

Both Florian and I have not only healed our own lineages and benefited from a sense of belonging and grounding that came from this work but also realized how important ancestral healing is to all our client’s stories, whether they realize it or not.

This monthly experience will give you all the information, tools and guidance you need to fully embark on this deep healing journey for yourselves and for your clients. Whatever your modality, ancestral healing is vital to healing not only the past but the future.



Here are some of the themes we will address:

  • Your relationship to death and dying and your ancestors
  • Traditions of ancestral veneration
  • How to set up an ancestral altar
  • How do do ancestral research
  • Trans-generational and historical trauma and their impact on our current lives
  • How to work with DNA testing and various DNA databases and how to interpret the findings
  • Mapping genealogical patterns, lineages and family trees
  • Tracing ancestral roots and routes
  • Reconnecting to your Ancestral Guide
  • Reclaiming the gifts and medicines of your people
  • Tuning in to and transforming ancestral patterns
  • Receiving the hidden gifts of your lineage
  • Healing with your Ancestral Guide


What you will receive each month:

1) An in-depth video of Cathy and Florian talking about the month’s theme.

2) A guided audio journey

3) A daily Journaling Guide to help you dive deeply into the ancestral theme of the month

4) An in-depth manual (PDF) on the month’s theme with exercises and practical instructions

5) Two essential oils (2.5ml each)

6) One hydrosol (30ml)

7) A flower essence

8) A semi-precious stone

9) A selection of herbs in dried or tincture form

10) Twenty scent strips

11) A rune picked individually for you

12) Other relevant tools for each theme

There will be an exclusive, participants-only Slack workspace in which we can exchange discoveries, insights, resources, etc.


This subscription is a limited edition of 50. 


Your Facilitators Cathy Skipper & Florian Birkmayer MD

Cathy Skipper is an international teacher, plant person and healer who brings 30 years of teaching, healing, and plant experience, her highly-attuned intuition, and her mastery at ‘seeing the person within’ to this work. Find out more about her here.

Florian Birkmayer MD is a wounded healer and formerly an aromatic, holistic/heretical psychiatrist. With Cathy he is the co-developer of the AromaGnosis approach, which offers a roadmap to working with the unconscious to reconnect to our ancestors and nature. For more about Florian, click here.

The Current Edition of the Ancestral Healing Subscription is SOLD OUT.

We hope to launch the next edition in late 2023. It will be a limited edition.

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