Animals That Speak

Plants that Talk Back

Hearts that Hear

A Live-Online Class with Dr. Isla Fishburn, Cathy Skipper and Florian Birkmayer MD

March 28-April 18, 2023

An Introduction to sitting in Animal and Plant Spirit Communion

This four-week course will introduce you to deepening your connection with the soul of your animal friend, recognize your animal guides and how much animals can be a part of your healing journey. We will use plant spirits in the form of essential oils, said to be the seat of the soul of the plant to explore our relationships to the animal world.

Our intention is to take you deeper, drop in to your heart and explore how to access your own spiritual connection with plant spirits. It is an introduction to plant spirit communion and being in a relationship with plant beings so they can show, guide and connect you with your animal friend through a soul-to-soul connection.

Led by Cathy Skipper, Florian Birkmayer, MD and Dr. Isla Fishburn this four-week course will include:

Week 1: Welcoming and connecting with a plant ally and exploring how to be led by your heart, intuition, and soul. Making your relationship with animals more conscious.

Week 2: Reflections, Projections and Triggers as a soul message from your animal friend or animal ally to explore your own healing journey

Week 3: Connecting with the soul of your animal friend or animal ally with the help of an aromatic plant ally.

Week 4: Beyond the Ego: Deepening your intuition and connection with your animal’s soul to trust what you receive about their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health and the plant spirit ally(s) to be offered.

This class comes with a kit of four essential oils.

Class dates for Spring 2023:

March 28, April 4, April 11, April 23

Class times: 10am-12pm US Mountain Time. That’s 9-11am Pacific, 11-1pm Central, 12-2pm Eastern, 17h-19h GMT, 18h-20h CET. Each class will be 2 hours.

Classes will be held live-online via zoom and all sessions will be recorded and you will have life-time access to the recordings.

Your Investment: $250

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