Live Class Oct 23-25 (3 evenings) New York, NY at the New York Institute of Aromatic Studies.

Transform the challenges of Menopause into opportunities!

For many women, menopause is something to be dreaded. It is seen as a problem to be cured, rather than what it really is. In truth, menopause is the powerful transition to becoming a wise crone. To make the most of this journey of birthing ourselves into our true, powerful authentic selves and midwifing others, women need information, insights and tools, which this workshop offers. More than anything right now, our global and local communities need wise, mature women leaders and healers.  With the right  tools, a woman can transform her experiences into wisdom, instead of mourning what she is leaving behind. If a woman is able to live the journey to menopause as a passage to her true maturity, she can embrace the wise woman she is becoming.

The Alchemy of Menopause workshop will give women the tools to turn inwards and transform the way they views this phase of life. Using Jungian concepts and aromatics, this workshop leads women through the alchemical stages of menopause. Through creative exercises, it helps women see their needs and experiences during peri-menopause in a new light that makes this an empowering and transforming journey.

Menopause is an initiation. Now is the time to take back and redefine this momentous passage in our lives!

The goal of this workbook is to learn to use a different part of ourselves to attain a different form of knowledge about this life transition.

In this workshop, my aim is to help women to understand and reclaim their journey to Menopause. Every woman’s journey is unique and personal. I intend to provide a framework with which you can explore and discover your own uniqueness. There is no right or wrong—only each woman’s individual song.

Using essential oils as our guides “The Alchemy of Menopause” will introduce women to the anatomy of the psyche, helping them tune into and work with all parts of the Self: the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual bodies, as well as the personal and collective unconscious.

It is important to know where we are going during peri-menopause.  It’s an opportunity to become who we really are.

The workshop will help you:

  •      Set intentions, define your motives and desires.
  •      Define and identify the experiences that are going to be transformed into your wisdom.
  •      Unveil parts of your Shadow, revealing your hidden strengths and talents.
  •      Work with your inner masculine and explore this sacred relationship in depth.

When the preparative work has been done, the seven alchemical stages will guide you deeply and profoundly into your true authenticity and power, revealing the messages and experiences that lie behind hot flashes, night sweats, emotions and sexuality, transforming menopause into an exciting, empowering, transformative rite of passage.

To Register: Please contact the New York Institute of Aromatic Studies.