AromaGnosis Mentorship

A 3 Month Live Online Journey

“By making the unconscious conscious,

we become midwives to the Soul.”

All meetings will be recorded and available to participants.


Course Outline:


The Psyche

The anatomy of the psyche (Self, ego, subtle bodies)

The psyche as a self-regulating system

Oils for each aspect of the psyche

Soul, spirit and mind

Aligning and balancing the whole person


The Wounded Healer and Personal Myth

Intentions and focus


Transforming wounds into wisdom

The importance of personal myth

Storytelling and narrative – a key element in healing



Dissociation and trauma

Oils for embodying

Oils for grounding

Exercises and tools for grounding and embodying


The Shadow  

The importance of the unconscious

oils and allies for working with the unconscious

Exercises and journeys for accessing the unconscious

Tools for working with the unconscious – dreams, journaling, art/collage


Ancestral Healing

Transgenerational trauma

The motherline

Oils for ancestral healing

Tools and exercises for ancestral healing


Animus and Anima (Inner masculine and feminine)


Oils for working with the inner partner

How to identify and connect with inner partner

Sacred union


Tools and Allies

Boundaries and thread cutting

Techniques for Journeying

Inner child work

Soul retrieval

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