A Comprehensive Guide to Buying Essential Oils

Know if the essential oils you are buying are pure, sustainable and safe!

You are interested in essential oils but there are so many companies out there selling them that you are not sure which way to turn, you have read some of the conflicting stories about different essential oil companies online and feel overwhelmed by not only the choice of oils out there, but which company to buy from.

You are a buyer for a company that sells essential oils, you want to buy the most sustainable products but are restricted by time and money. You would love to find a resource that teaches you all the criteria and up-to-date information you need to be aware of when buying essential oils.

You are an aromatherapist, buy a lot of essential oils and recently have become more aware of the sustainability issues around many of the source plants. You want to find out more so that you can make more informed and sustainable choices for yourself and your clients.

You are an herbalist and you are interested in using essential oils in your practice but you are put off by the sustainability issues around them and knowing where and what to buy in terms of quality.


In the Comprehensive Guide to Buying Essential Oils you will: 


Understand and become familiar with the key considerations before purchasing any essential oil. This means that you will approach buying oils from an informed viewpoint that will allow you to make the right choice of oil for you and your needs.

Know what is a pure and natural essential oil and what isn’t, but is disguised as one. This is vital knowledge, since many essential oils are adulterated. You will learn how to look for and test for common and sophisticated adulteration techniques.

Finally fully understand the proper naming of essential oils and not confuse different species that are sold under the same common name. Knowing exactly what essential oil we are buying is crucial to ensure we don’t make potentially dangerous mistakes!

Understand how growing conditions affect the chemical constituents of an essential oil and therefore the oils properties so that you fully understand the labelling and can ask the right questions about origins and chemotypes.

Learn how to determine the conservation status of aromatic plant species that essential oils are made from using multiple resources.

Learn about the safety profiles of essential oils so that you can use them safely and consciously.






  • Maximizing your chance of finding high-quality essential oils, suited for your unique needs, each time you buy.
  • Learning more about the important and urgent problems of sustainability of essential oils, so that you only buy oils that are sustainable and don’t contribute to the overwhelming degradation of the plant world.
  • Avoiding buying adulterated essential oils, especially when you’re searching for expensive, easily adulterated oils.
  • Becoming self-reliant enough to discern potentially unsafe and low quality oils in this mostly unregulated market.
  • Being able to honor the plant world and access their virtues by recognizing them and being able to name them precisely.


Your Guide on this Journey:


Jah Skipper is a passionate field botanist who brings his experience of plant conservation and teaching thousands of herbal and aromatherapy students in Europe to this precise, up-to-date class. He will give you everything you need to know in order to navigate the complicated world of essential oil retail. He has a Masters degree in Botany from Reading University.

He is excited to share his knowledge and experience with you.




At the end of this online course you will:


Have a roadmap of steps to take regarding why and how you intend to use the essential oils before you buy them. Knowing precisely why you want to buy and use an essential oil is the first and most significant requirement to be able to find which essential oil is best suited to your needs!

Fully understand everything you should and should not see on an essential oil bottle, packaging and product description, the reasons behind this information and how you can use that information to improve your chance of buying reliable, pure, ethical essential oils.

Have an awareness of the common essential oil adulterants and how to detect them through testing and other practical methods, as well as knowledge of all the aromatic products that aren’t essential oils available on the market in order to maximize your chances of finding pure essential oils.

Have a working knowledge of the major methods by which essential oils may be adulterated, the tools and techniques used to identify adulterations and the challenges of detecting adulteration. You will also have some specific techniques to identify adulterated oils, so you can avoid them.

Be familiar with the ISO guidelines for naming of essential oils and know how to use the relevant information, so you do not confuse different essential oils, which can cause problems.

Understand the geographical and production origins of essential oils and how they impact the finished product, which is vital in understanding the different chemotypes available on the essential oil market.

Know how to buy pure, authentic, ethical, sustainable, safe essential oils with high aromatic quality for the best price without being tricked.

Understand the ethical standards behind the commercialization of essential oils so you can make your own ethical choices and adhere to ethical standards that are meaningful to you.

Be knowledgeable about the exact uses and safety profiles of different essential oils to help you pick the ones most suited for your needs and know how to use them safely.


The Comprehensive Guide to Buying Essential Oils also includes:


An easy-to-use, interactive essential oil evaluation app (for your smartphone, etc.) made of a set of questionnaires that guide you through each main subject related to essential oil quality.

Exclusive access to the “Essential Oil Buyers Group” facebook group, a closed group only for students of this online class that serves as a forum to ask questions and discuss interesting topics.

Email support during the course.

Lifetime access to the course so that you can take your time working through the material and use it as a reference guide for years to come.

I am working through Jah Skipper’s course on buying essential oils right now. It is one of the most thoroughly researched sources of information on this topic that is available. Jah is a trained botanist and his knowledge is extensive. I will undoubtedly refer to this course again and again when researching oils I wish to purchase.” -Bethanne

I’m amazed by the content of this course. It points out topics I never read or learn in any books or workshops, but that are extremely important for people who handle essential oils professionally or not. I do love to study with professionals that are on the road for many years, but it’s also so good to see young people or professionals from different areas sharing new knowledge and different perspectives about the same subject. Congrats Jah, keep doing it!” -Monique

Kudos to Jah and Aromagnosis for this very comprehensive course that answers questions that we, as conscious consumers need to ask. It also brings an awareness to the need for standards to be readily available to us. This is not a course that can be digested in one sitting and I have been gradually taking nourishing bites.” -Anne

I am thoroughly enjoying the course. Just as Florian said in the introduction, even if you think you know how to buy essential oils safely, there is still so much more information on this course. It’s great to be a lifelong learner and remain current and relevant. I need to slow down to absorb everything. A great investment thanks.” -Wendy




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Here’s a video Jah made to demonstrate how easy it is to adulterate essential oils:

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