Energy and Alchemy

A Seven Month Subscription


with Cathy Skipper and Florian Birkmayer MD


The Subscription consists of a monthly box of essential oils, flower essences and other allies along with a monthly manual, journaling guide and video.

Do you want to know yourself better and dive deeper into your psyche in an experiential and powerful way?

This isn’t just a regular subscription. This whole package will have a long-lasting impact on the rest of your lives and benefit the way you live your life and cope with challenges!

We have carefully curated these monthly subscription boxes, each on the theme of one of the alchemical stages. The alchemical stages are the processes that the psyche is constantly cycling through. Working with the seven stages using the beautiful essential oils, hydrosols, flower essences and other surprises you will find in your monthly box are great tools for all healing paths. The seven-month subscription will lead you deeper into an understanding of your psyche each month.

the contents of the energy and alchemy boxOur approach, which we call Alchemy: The Medicine of the Soul, centers around a knowledge and understanding of the natural processes of psyche. The alchemical stages are at the heart of AromaGnosis. The lesson package that you will receive each month is based on our core teachings. These boxes and the adjoining teaching package are alive with wisdom.

This is a great way to discover our essential oils, hydrosols and flower essences and how to use them.

Each month you will be able to develop relationships with specific essential oils and other allies and learn how to use them and deepen your knowledge about the processes of the psyche.

The monthly experience you are offering yourself will be life changing. The wisdom and transformational Alchemy and Energy offer will serve you in your own lives and help you help your clients. Whatever your modality, the Alchemical stages are universal to us all.

What you will receive each month

  1. A new video of Cathy and Florian talking about the alchemical stage and how to use the contents of the box.
  2. A month-long journaling guide to help you work with the energy of the alchemical stage.
  3. An in depth manual (pdf) on the stage with exercises to deepen your understanding.
  4. 3 x 2.5 ml oils or 2 x 2.5ml oils + 1 x 30ml bottle of hydrosol depending on the stage.
  5. 20 scent strips
  6. A flower essence
  7. Other surprises related to the relevant stage


Your Facilitators Cathy Skipper & Florian Birkmayer MD

Florian and Cathy in Tucson

Cathy Skipper is an international teacher, plant person and healer who brings 30 years of teaching, healing, and plant experience, her highly-attuned intuition, and her mastery at ‘seeing the person within’ to this work. Find out more about her here.

Florian Birkmayer MD is a wounded healer and formerly an aromatic, holistic/heretical psychiatrist. With Cathy he is the co-developer of the AromaGnosis approach, which offers a roadmap to working with the unconscious to reconnect to our ancestors and nature. For more about Florian, click here.


We will launch this subscription in Spring 2023, exact date to be determined. We’re aiming for May 2023.

This subscription will be a limited edition. 

At this point, we are not accepting sign ups yet, but you can join the waitlist. Fill out the information below (First name, email address) to be added to the waitlist. 



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