Intuitive Blending for the Whole Psyche

A 4-week Live Online Class with Cathy Skipper

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Are You Ready to Deepen How You Work with Essential Oils?

Have you ever felt you would like to make unique blends for clients focussed on their individual needs for healing and balance but you don’t know where to start?

I understand how hard it is to look at all the essential oils you have accumulated over the years and know how to bring them together in a blend  that will help someone heal deeply.

With over twenty years of aromatic healing work and teaching under my belt, I’ve come up with a system of intuitive blending that is easy to learn and use and extremely powerful and effective as a healing modality. 

You’ll learn about the psyche, the oils and how to bring it all together to help you and your clients heal deeply and profoundly.  




Course Outline

4 weekly sessions 1.5 hours each for a total of hours of live online training

Session 1 – We will learn about:

  • The anatomy of the psyche
  • what the psyche is
  • how it functions
  • How aroma affects the psyche 

Session 2 – we will learn how to work with the client to diagnose where they are at in each aspect of their psyche. I will share with you the questionnaire I use as a basis for this work and I will demonstrate this work with participants in the class. 

Session 3 – In this session we will learn how to create a map for each person’s psyche based on the session with the client and other tools for creating a sacred, intuitive working space.

Session 4 – In this session we will learn how to bring in the oils using a pendulum and other intuitive techniques. We will also learn how to intuitively know the percentage of each oil for each blend. 

I’ve made hundreds of intuitive healing and balancing blends for people all over the world. 



What People Are Saying About My Balancing Blends


Wow wow wow 

So very excited!

I so look forward to experiencing my blend.

I want to thank you very much for your magic as I am already healing from it🙏

Your approach is so very powerful and empowers me to step towards my path with assurance in my vulnerable times.

The world needs more of you 💜.



Cathy, Thank you so much! I received the package in the mail today and was thrilled to try the blend. It’s amazing! You’re wonderful!



Hi Cathy,

Such a rich experience~~all of it!

The map has a wonderful dimensionality.  I am so happy that you made written notation on the map of some of the oils that suggested themselves during the conversation.

The tarot card draw was such a ‘greeting’ for me:  the owl, the mountain lion, full moon reflection, arrow, truth.  Once again, the owl & mountain lion so reminiscent of the Rocky Mountains where I grew up & spent so much time outdoors.

I’m really enjoying the experience of this fragrance blend. 

Scheduling an appointment to work with you again.  Such a rich unfolding.

Love & Thanks To You, Cathy! 


Hi Cathy, I just got the blend and I love the scent. (I have already experienced some integration from the process of our session itself)





package received

I am obsessed with this

I love it more than maybe I have ever loved anything

It is not a smell

It is a feeling, an experience, a….no words….

my husband wants to schedule too

Jenna and Noelle and I are going to meet to dive into our maps together

thank you 

with so much love


Course Schedule

This course is Live online. It consists of four 1.5 hour sessions. 

The current session has started. As soon as we’ve decided on the next dates, we will share them here. Stay tuned. 

All sessions will be recorded if you cannot attend live and for participants to keep for further reference. 



What You Will Learn

In this class you will learn:

  • a framework and experience for intuitively creating deeply transformative unique blends for the whole psyche. 
  • How to take a thorough diagnostic of each aspect of your client’s psyche and how to create a blending map with this information. 
  • How to use intuitive tools and create the right intuitive space for this subtle blending work.
  • How to use bending maps for finding the right oils for each unique blend.    


If you have any question, please contact Cathy at


Course Teacher Cathy Skipper

Cathy Skipper

Cathy Skipper

In 2015, I lost my mum, moved continents, was diagnosed with cancer and lost all the material belongings I owned in the world. My passion for working with aromatics for deep, soul healing enabled me to move through these difficulties and develop a powerful and transformative modality of healing with my husband Florian Birkmayer MD. Let me help you use the power of aromas, journeying, depth psychology and my gift of seeing the ‘real you’ to discover your soul’s purpose.

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