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Menopause and the Soul's Wisdom
with Cathy Skipper

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Discover the mother of the crone and how she can help guide and support you through menopause, because now more than ever, the world needs the crone to come forward and voice her truth.

Experience empowering transformation in a guided journey to meet the Dark Goddess, finally rising from the shadow of patriarchal society.

Gather precious insights from the power of your personal sovereignty, because freedom is remembering who we truly are.


Meet Your Guide:

I'm here to guide you inward towards your soul's path. To help you reconnect with your deep feminine and regain your true strength. To help you heal your wounds. To remind you to love yourself. To be autonomous and exist for yourself. To create your own changes and transformations.

Freedom is remembering who we truly are.

What Others Are Saying

"Your work is beautiful and transformative." Jessica

"Cathy shares beautiful tools to aid a magical passage through menopause, allowing your personal true beautiful authenticity to come up and meet you." Karen

"Cathy is a knowledgeable and compassionate facilitator and her gentle guidance through this work was thought-provoking, inspiring, encouraging, and infused with both personal experience and humour ." Tracy


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