What participants are saying about our live classes:

“I really appreciate the depth of your knowledge on the subjects of alchemy and aromatherapy, and the many years of experience you each brought to the course. The concepts of alchemy have always been somewhat elusive for me, and I’m so thrilled to gain some understanding of them with the support of aromatherapy. I love the way you also integrated writing, meditation, drumming and discussion so seamlessly. A wonderful, rich experience, truly a gift. Thank you!!” –Billie K.

It’s more than a class, it’s an experience. I went in expecting to take notes on a process, instead I became the process. The two days felt like a real journey inward from which I gained actually experiential knowledge, insight that is now part of my being.” — Ash

“I enjoyed your weekend intensive so much and am really grateful to have met you beautiful souls. I would describe the class as a soul journey. It was life-changing and has me wanting to look deeper inside myself. I feel like it is a catalyst that has started a process of growth that I have been craving for a long time, but wasn’t sure how to start.” — Shelby K.

Indeed, an amazing group of souls and unique experience.  I would describe this class [Aromatherapy & Medicine of the Soul] as an exploration of the anatomy of the psyche using botanical aromatics to guide and express one’s inner knowing.  Facilitation of the journey while heavily reliant on one’s senses and opening doors with plant communication, the process is also guided by the ancient wisdom of alchemy organized using Carl Jung psychological concepts and structure. Using the language of the soul Cathy and Florian beautifully orchestrate a unique, deeply meaningful experience colored with guided meditations, poetry, thought provoking history, mythology and scientific research that made my whole being leap, weep, peak and breathe deep with satisfaction.  Yet still days after, I feel like this was only the beginning, the first of what may be many, calls to self.  Still much work is to be done.  But now I am beginning to see the signs, reading the winds, I now know when to lift the sail and ride the phase. I’d like to say that this offering is very, special. … The entire experience was for me like a spiritual exercises or pilgrimage.” — Michelle B.

“The class itself is a journey into the alchemical process. … really, the process is mystical. … this class can take one into a different place from where I thought I was.  Perhaps, if one is stuck, as I was, the class can help unstuck one. … Also, the beingness of you and Cathy is fundamental to how powerful this class is.” — Helaine F.

“Recently, I had the good fortune to take Cathy Skipper and Florian Birkmayer’s class. This course literally changed my life. I grew as a person and as an aromatherapist in ways I never could have imagined. It was an experience I will always treasure and call upon. Many thanks to Cathy and Florian for their insight, passion and devotion to teaching and aromatherapy. It was an incredible experience utilizing Botanical aromatics to gently open doors within myself. It was like a sacred initiation to increase and inform my personal process of spiritual alchemy. With plants leading the way, much was revealed to me, as I learned to connect on with aromatic plants on many levels. Florian and Cathy brought deep meaning through a multidisciplinary structure, personal vulnerability, experience and poetry. This experience was the most valuable commitment of time and to self that I have had all year. I will carry with me these tools for years to come. If you are fortunate enough to spend time with these two incredible souls, I recommend you take it!”  — Anonymous

“Thank you so much for your wonderful course. … my mind is reeling with all the amazing learnings from the past 2 days and I can’t wait to start using the exercises. You touched on so many things that are personally poignant right now in my life…dealing with big change/ transformation, reconnecting with nature.” — Paula M.

The entire weekend of this course was experiencing the creation of a sacred and safe space for the class group to explore as we learned how to travel the alchemical journey, guided by Florian and Cathy.  Through gentleness, humor and reverance for the aromatic plant allies, our personal journey was both revealed and supported.  I left feeling inspired and empowered by greater understanding of how to engage with my intention of living a conscious life.” — Nancy C.

“What a beautiful weekend of plants, connections made and deep earth wisdom. Cathy Skipper and Florian Birkmayer are offering some deep wisdom to the world. I am refreshed and renewed and doorways to the work I’ve been trying to manifest have opened.” — Leslie L.

“I had a most amazing learning and transcending healing journey with my teachers for the weekend, Cathy Skipper and Florian Birkmayer, MD. Truly wonderful teachers and kindred spirits. Blessed! Their teachings on ‘Healing the Wounded Healer’ exposed me to yet another path of learning with plants in different forms; the whole plants, essential oils, and hydrosols. The information they imparted had such depth and transformation for everyone present. What a gift! Their teaching is in my heart.” — Jenna S.

“From the depths of me, thank you. There are no words to describe the blessing that was your Santa Fe class. I cannot thank you enough for facilitating such an empowering and sacred experience. We don’t often get (or give ourselves) permission to safely explore the parts, places, and processes in ourselves that come to define us. This class was an opportunity to actively engage with deep, unspoken emotions and a safe place to explore and question personal truths. It is unbelievably empowering to have an appreciation of how places on my personal path correspond to the seven stages of alchemy—and how my understanding of those phases can encourage more compassionate, deliberate, and earnest navigation of my day-to-day life. Working with alchemical stages, archetypes, and aromatics helped to ground and elevate the exploration, protecting and extending safe boundaries in the group and in the world. Engaging aromatics on the alchemical journey was a particular gift: they are profound allies in providing a sense of enduring sanctuary in my heart and in the world. I am delighted to appreciate these aromatics in new ways and to be in relationship with them on the journey. I came away from class with a restored understanding of my relationship with my true self and a renewed commitment to honoring my journey with loving kindness, patience, and power. I am humbled and grateful (and infinitely stronger) for the chance to go deep and wide in connecting with my story and my self. I am thrilled to have the tools shared in class as touchpoints for my path. And I am forever changed by the experience of being invited to courageously engage with my self, my story, and my relationships in the context of the alchemical stages, the wounded healer, and the plant allies that support them.  I have to say, I am deeply grateful in particular to the two of you. The humility, transparency, courage, and humor that you specifically bring is invaluable to the success of this course. It would be easy for someone with this knowledge to wield it for power-over others and for that approach to translate into a sense of hierarchy and judgment in the class: it never even remotely went there. It was evident from the outset you are committed to this work in your own lives. Your compassion and affection were palpable. You made a genuine investment in the success of each participant and you clearly shared the journey with us. It was a gift to be in your company, to see and share your love, and to join you and the group in this exploration. Thank you!” — Kristina B.

I wanted to thank you both for the deeply inspired teachings you are offering.  The safety, the depth of understanding of soul/body/healing, the kindness and gentleness at the same  precise and direct…a rare combination and precious.  The linking of the ancient alchemical processes of plant distillation with our own emotional/spiritual/physical  process is profoundly wholistic.  There is no separation.  To bring the work of Jung and his approach to shadow and Projection is exquisite redirection and reset from the way most of the world ( including healing and psychological world) operates.  The focus on doing our own inner deep work as the only true offering we can truly give this world  is in a word: Quantum. With so much focus outward, what a relief to be guided and supported back to the inner journey.” — Mary Beth M.