The Alchemy of Menopause

A 2-Day Live Journey

You are having the first signs of menopause and you find it depressing that everything you read talks about it in a negative way and concentrates only on its uncomfortable symptoms. You are wondering if there is anything more to this natural life transition.

You are menopausal and you feel deep shifts happening within you and you don’t know how to make the most of them? You know there is more to what is happening to you than the physical changes, but it is hard to find the right guidance.

You are approaching menopause and are sick of hearing everyone talking about it as something to be dreaded or a problem to be cured. Most of your friends are taking HRT and trying to pretend it’s not happening. You want to embrace it as a natural process but you don’t know where to turn for information, tools and advice.

A lot of older women that you know seem to give up and become boring and dull after menopause. You want to keep growing and feel fully alive. You are sure that older women have an important role to play in society and you want to do something about this for yourself and others.


In ‘The Alchemy of Menopause’ 2-day live Journey you will:


Discover that menopause is actually a powerful transition in a woman’s life to becoming a much needed wise elder in the world today. This realization will empower you instead of making you feel that something is wrong with you.

Get the information, insights, experiences and tools you need to make menopause an opportunity to finally grow into the best and most real version of yourself so that you can become one of the wise, mature and powerful women our communities and the world need.

See your needs and experiences during menopause in a new light so that instead of concentrating on the physical changes and mourning what is passing you can transform your life’s experiences into wisdom and embrace the wise woman you are becoming.

Discover parts of yourself you were unaware of, strengths and talents that up until have remained hidden, so that you feel more whole and newly excited about what lies ahead of you.


Listen to a podcast about ‘The Alchemy of Menopause’ here.




Feeling a renewed motivation for your life because you have the guidelines you need to process the things that have been holding you back.

Connecting with the feminine power that really lies in the changes that happen with menopause and finding that you have a whole new chapter of your life to enjoy instead of dreading.

Finding a trusted, powerful framework that you can use to make the most of this natural developmental stage in your life and that you can also use to guide and help other women.

Finding your true voice that comes from a sense of belonging and being in alignment with yourself and feeling a deep connection with your maternal bloodline and their ancestral voices.

Shifting your focus from needing to do and achieve to a period of guided inner work that helps you to trust your intuition and develop your natural clairvoyant capacities.

These are some of the results people get after journeying through The Alchemy of Menopause 2-day Live Journey. This journey will change the way you approach menopause and live your life during and after it.


Your Guide on this Journey


Cathy Skipper smilingCathy Skipper is an international teacher, plant person and healer who brings 30 years of teaching, healing and plant experience as well as her highly attuned intuition and experience of ‘seeing the person within’ to this work. I am excited to be your guide on this exciting journey of The Alchemy of Menopause!



At the end of this 2-day journey you will:


Feel more loving, accepting and grateful towards your physical body, as well as inhabiting it more fully so you can use your feminine qualities of intuition, imagination and insight optimally.

Have begun to reclaim your anger and be able to meet it with acceptance and understanding, so that it becomes a catalyst in your journey rather than something you feel you don’t have the right to feel.

Be able to feel in order to heal. Instead of running away from your feelings, you will fully feel them more comfortably and gain insight and deep healing from feeling them.

Have gained a completely new language and perspective on what menopause means to women and how it can help us to grow and become more fully ourselves.

Have purged and let go of emotions and tensions that are holding you back from living your best life and feeling the self-acceptance, joy and clarity that you deserve.

Have connected with your inner masculine, which will help you become more whole and start to have healthier relationships with the men in your life.

Have found your voice and become one of the women in the world today who is breaking the silence around menopause and are redefining it as an important initiation of inner growth and wisdom in a woman’s life.


The Alchemy of Menopause 2-day live Journey includes:


Guidance by Cathy: Cathy wrote this material as she journeyed through her own menopause and has worked with many women all over the world both in her online class and in live classes.

The Journey:  This includes exercises, meditations, aromas, insights and guidance to lead you through this inner journey.

A Complement to the Journey: A full-color PDF version of “The Alchemy of Menopause” workbook.

A private Facebook group for sharing and exchanging with Cathy and other participants. This Facebook group has become a vibrant and active place where women share useful information, their stories, their ups and their downs and support each other.


Here’s how to get started:


  1. Look at the top of this page and our schedule page to see where and when “The Alchemy of Menopause Live Journey” is happening.
  2. If you don’t find a location and date that works for you, email us (info @ to suggest an organization near you that may be interested in hosting this live journey.



Reclaiming Menopause As Sacred

“Cathy is a master at guiding each individual on their personal journey, as well as reclaiming a sacred menopause for the collective. A deeper understanding, a chance to sit in circle with women, a safe place to explore this transitional time. Cathy shares beautiful tools to aid a magical passage through menopause, allowing your personal true beautiful
authenticity to come up and meet you. If you are a woman, this course is for you.” –anon

Profound Midwifery

“What a stunning collection of reflections, teachings, wisdom, rituals, and guidance through this stage of woman’s journey. Cathy is practicing profound midwifery to women interested in birthing their own wisdom, their own self, in this stage of life.” –Laren 

A Nuturing Sharing Experience

“I took part in the Alchemy of Menopause course at a Women’s Centre earlier in the year. The course is well structured around Jungian theory using essential oils for the inner work along with exercises to encourage you to go inwards and dig deeper. Cathy is an amazing tutor who has a deep knowledge of Jungian theory and herbalism. She has a wonderful ability to pull the group together and create a nurturing sharing space. For me the course allowed me to work deeper on areas that needed releasing and created space for me to carry on my journey through menopause with a deeper understanding of my own body. I would recommend the course to anyone who is perimenopausal, menopausal or works in women’s health.” –anon

Uncover Hidden Strengths

“Guided by Cathy Skipper’s gentle wisdom, imagery and poetry and the transformative aromas of specially chosen plant allies I felt reconnected to the truth and power of myself as a women entering my life through menopause and beyond. The ancient art of alchemy finds it’s true meaning in our personal journey – through passing the years of potential motherhood to uncovering our hidden strengths and wisdom and finally finding union within ourselves. We are shown the way through rituals of discovery and honoring, nurtured by beautiful aromas personally chosen by Cathy’s conscious travels along her own path.” – Karen

A Powerful Experience

“Cathy’s Alchemy of Menopause class, was a powerful experience for me both personally and professionally. The experience of being in the class provided me with the opportunity to understand what exactly the alchemical process is. The class showed me how becoming our authentic healed self is an alchemical process. Working through the workbook and the exercises gave me concrete practical exercises to work through the alchemical stages. I started my own women’s circle which we call “Soul Sisters Rising”. This woman’s group has melded into an incredible group of powerful women who are indeed now Soul Sisters. The absolutely most powerful experiences since taking that class is I’m now in the process of divorce, I have purchased my own house, and I went back to Africa to meet the first love of my life from 37 years ago!! It’s just been so profound!” –Sally


“It’s hard to describe Cathy Skipper’s live Alchemy of Menopause 2-day class without using words like “transformational” and “life-changing. This class gave me new perspective, connected me to my inner wisdom and power, and allowed me to work with other women (exclusively) in various stages in their lives, and to learn from and share their wisdom and experiences. This class reframes society’s depressing definition of Menopause into a positive, healthy acceptance and understanding of the shift in life and the celebration of all the good that can come of it. The use of essential oils and other tools takes the work to next level and make it unlike anything else out there designed for women trying to understand and thrive in this stage in their lives. Cathy created a safe and nurturing circle in which we could share our own experiences, and using aromas for support, she taught us some deeply meaningful ways to begin gleaning the wisdom we want to carry with us into our Wise Elder years. This was one of the most empowering and encouraging few days I have ever experienced and I hold it dear in my heart.” –anon

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