The Alchemy of Relationship

A 2-day Live Journey

Dates & Locations:

June 11-12 2022 (tentatively), Wildroot Botanicals, Bellingham, WA.   Check back or subscribe to our email list for updates.



You are a healer, therapist, coach, practitioner or seeker and you realize that relationships are central to life and well-being. You would like deepen your understanding of the dynamics at play within the realm of relationships in a way that will help your own life and that of your clients.

You have noticed that you and your clients tend to repeat the same relationship patterns and you would like to understand why, how to break these patterns and how to move towards a way of healthier relationships. You are looking for tools and techniques to help yourself and your clients feel authentic, safe and harmonious in relationship to others.

You know that aromatics have a powerful effect on mind and emotions and would like to deepen your knowledge and experience of the ways that scent can help us work with the unconscious parts of ourselves that ultimately rule our relationships.

You would like to learn how to get a better sense of what is happening within you and learn to read the inner symbols and messages that will help you get a better understanding of yourself and your relationships.


In the new ‘Alchemy of Relationship’ two-day workshop, you will:


Work with a range of rare and powerful aromas, including essential oils, hydrosols and attars to understand yourself more deeply and explore the ways they can help  deepen intimacy, cultivate awareness and process challenges in sacred relationships.

Explore how to use aromas to restore balance and resilience in relationships, both in your own life and with your clients. Learn the ways in which aromas help relieve the imbalances relationships suffer from in ourselves, our families of origin, our communities and in nature. Experience how they help to restore proper relationship.

Connect with your inner feminine and masculine and learn how this sacred inner relationship influences your relationships with others.

Understand the importance of shadow work and experience how powerful and healing it is to reclaim those part of ourselves we unconsciously ask others to carry.

Learn to recognize and understand dysfunctional relationship patterns that impact intimate relationships and learn the tools and exercises that can help heal these wounded behaviors.




  • Learning a framework that enables you to grow and evolve in and through deep relationships such as marriage and partnership.
  • Deepening the relationship between your ego and your soul so that you feel a sense of belonging and feel a sacred space within from where you can build healthy relationships with others.
  • Learning to recognize and heal the hidden or buried patterns and traumas that you are carrying from your ancestors, so that you no longer have to unconsciously repeat the challenges of the past in your present relationships.
  • Building a toolbox of aromas that you can return to over and over again to help yourself and others explore and understand yourself and your relationships more deeply.
  • Have a knowledge of aromas and rituals to enhance and cultivate intimacy and overcome fear and barriers.

These are some of the results people get after journeying through The Alchemy of Relationship” live journey. This workshop will change your approach and understanding of your relationship with yourself and others, providing a solid ground from which you can carry on healing and evolving.


Your Guides on this Journey:


Cathy Skipper is an international teacher, plant person and healer who brings 30 years of teaching, healing and plant experience as well as her highly attuned intuition and experience of ‘seeing the person within’ to this work.

Florian Birkmayer, MD is a holistic psychiatrist with 20 years of experience guiding people through their challenges to a place of empowerment. His gift is that he sees the fullest potential in each of his clients.

We are excited to be your guides on this exciting journey The Alchemy of Relationship. More about us…


The Alchemy of Relationship live workshop includes:


All materials needed for the weekend

A free PDF of the Alchemy of Menopause workbook.


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