The Embodiment Journey

A 31-Day Journey to Become More Embodied

A 31-day Embodiment journey to becoming ensouled

 We can only change things, heal and evolve in our lives if we are fully embodied. It is not enough to ‘know’ things, think things or understand things…for transformation to happen we need to feel life and experience it through our soul’s embodiment.

The work of AromaGnosis is about transforming life’s obstacles into opportunities for growth and finding your Personal Myth.

The first step towards this is embodiment.

This embodiment journey will help you feel and heal. It will bring your attention to your physical embodiment in the present moment – the only place where we are truly ‘alive’ and have power over our lives.

Have you noticed that the more our digital world develops the less you feel embodied? 

Have you noticed that you spend the majority of your time and attention in your head and not in your body?

Have you wondered how much more alive, present and joyful you would feel if you gave priority to your embodiment?

Have you wondered how much more meaningful your life would be if you brought your energy and attention back into your physical experience of your life?

Would you like to come back into your body and feel ‘alive’ again?

Do you have any idea how good it feels to be embodied?


Find out by taking the first gentle steps towards self-transformation in our 31-day embodiment journey.


This Journey includes:

A 31 day Embodiment Journal (PDF)

The Embodiment Journal guides you to bring your attention back to embodiment. It will help you to integrate this new way of being into your life and give your unconscious self a chance to make the changes necessary for you to step into an embodied life.

3 Audios which you will receive over 31 days:

Audio 1: Embodiment, intentions, getting started & visualization

Audio 2: Life as ceremony & visualization

Audio 3: Audio class about taking action and making changes & visualization




 Class Teacher Cathy Skipper

I’m a journal writer. Daily journal writing is a very important part of my life. As a tool for contacting the unconscious and bringing hidden parts of myself into the light, i.e. shadow work, journal writing is great. Over the years, I have found that journaling on a particular theme is very powerful. In this journal, I have chosen the theme of embodiment. Being fully embodied is a challenge for many of us. 

The Embodiment Journey



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