The “Alchemy of Menopause” Kit of Essential Oils

We have created beautiful kits to accompany the ‘Alchemy of Menopause’ workbook. The kit contains 17 essential oils (0.5ml each) that we have used for the exercises in the workbook. Each oil has been careful sourced by us and are suitable for working with mind, emotions, body and soul. The oils come in a handmade velvet pouch with 20 scent strips.

You can also order a goddess effigy, which Cathy makes from sacred Taos mountain clay that she collects and prepares herself. She pit fires them on Taos mountain.

The kit is optional. We made the kit because it’s really difficult to find essential oils that are full of life and spirit. Most commercially available essential oils, while often smelling ‘good’, lack this vital ‘green’ spirit.

NOTE: Due to the increasing cost of oils as well as the labor involved in making goddess effigies, we’ve had to adjust our prices to make the kit sustainable for us.

The Kit with 17 oils: $80
The Kit with the Goddess Effigy: $110

If you would like to order the kit, please email us at

We are working on updating our website to process orders. Thanks for your patience!