FALL 2017

Aromatherapy & The Medicine of the Soul: The Wounded Healer, The Alchemical Journey and the Sacred Union”

by Cathy Skipper and Florian Birkmayer MD

Heal Center, Atlanta, Georgia November 11 & 12 

What a beautiful weekend of plants, connections made and deep earth wisdom. Cathy Skipper and Florian Birkmayer are offering some deep wisdom to the world. I am refreshed and renewed and doorways to the work I've been trying to manifest have opened.” Leslie L.

Are you interested in deepening your relationship with aromas and plants? Are you interested in personal evolution and soul growth? Do you want to transform yourself and your clients with aromas and plants as your allies?

I had a most amazing learning and transcending healing journey with my teachers for the weekend, Cathy Skipper and Florian Birkmayer, MD. Truly wonderful teachers and kindred spirits. Blessed! Their teachings on 'Healing the Wounded Healer' exposed me to yet another path of learning with plants in different forms; the whole plants, essential oils, and hydrosols. The information they imparted had such depth and transformation for everyone present. What a gift! Their teaching is in my heart.” Jenna S.

Join us for this practical workshop to learn how to use essential oils for soul transformation. We will embark on a group journey through the alchemical stages of soul evolution. We will work with essential oils as allies in hands-on exercises to guide us through each stage.

Thank you so much for your wonderful course. My mind is reeling with all the amazing learnings from the past 2 days and I can't wait to start using the exercises. You touched on so many things that are personally poignant right now in my life...dealing with big change/ transformation, reconnecting with nature, etc.” Paula M.

Florian will be bringing his views on the Jungian view of Alchemy as a model for soul transformation, his experience of using essential oils to treat people with PTSD and other issues in his psychiatry practice as well as his deep sensitivity and knowledge of aromatic molecules and olfactory receptors to this work. Cathy will bring her experience of French clinical aromatherapy and kinesiology. Both Cathy and Florian have a personal and professional background in ‘healing the healer,’ which will be a central theme of this workshop.

Thank you to Cathy and Florian for an inspiring workshop. I feel all the ideas and insights percolating in my being. I enjoyed the beautiful interplay between your feminine strength and Florian's masculine sensitivity and how it created a balanced wholeness to how the information was presented and received.” Wendy S.

This class is for aromatherapists, psychotherapists, herbalists, bodyworkers and anyone in the healing arts who wants to deepen their relationship with aromatic molecules, is committing to their own healing journeys and is interesting in deep soul healing and personal growth.

What Will You Learn?

  • How to use aroma and the sense of smell as guides and teachers on you inner journey and that of your clients.
  • To develop intuitive plant communication in order to deepen your
    plant and essential oil knowledge so it comes from a place of experience rather than only books.
  • What a wounded healer is and how to work with this archetype.
  • The importance of feeling and that all our feelings are a normal partof the process.
  • The Anatomy of the Psyche – as our physical organs have a specific structure and function, so does the psyche.
  • The seven alchemical stages and how they relate to inner transformation.
  • Experience the transformation first-hand as you work through the stages.
  • How to integrate this journey into your work.
  • The importance of the inner journey of the soul in healing.
  • Finding and following your own personal myth.

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Heal Center (11/11-12)


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