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Hi, we’re Cathy Skipper and Florian Birkmayer, MD and we’re here to empower you with the tools, wisdom and experiences to live your soul’s purpose!

Our gift of really “seeing” you and your greatest potential will help you find your higher purpose and connect with your Self.

Discover the gift in your wounds and re-align with your whole Self using aromas from Cathy’s Attars, our sister site and other powerful tools so you can fulfill your purpose here on earth. More about us…


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Scent and Identity

by Florian Birkmayer, MD   A friend recently sent me this very sad and touching article from the NY Times about people who have lost their sense of smell due to Covid-19. Smell doesn’t just tell us whether food may be spoiled or conversely makes us enjoy its...

Turning Terror Into Healing

Statue of Yamantaka, Vanquisher of Death (wikipedia)   by Florian Birkmayer, MD Many of us were disturbed but not surprised by the events of January 6, 2021, a day of domestic terrorism, exposing for all to see the dangers of a fascist-in-all-but-uniform...

Ongoing Lessons for the Wounded Healer

I want to share an experience that I am currently integrating and that has helped me to carry on healing the mother wound that I carry and see the importance of preparation and protection when sitting or holding space for people with stories that resonate with one’s...

waking up from the default mode network in 2020

Have you ever driven a familiar route in your car, one you drive regularly to work for example, and when you got to the destination, you couldn’t remember driving it at all? Well that’s because you were operating under the influence of a network in your brain called...

Notes on Enantiodromia

by Florian Birkmayer MD   Jung resurrected the term ‘Enantiodromia‘ from Heraclitus to refer to the hidden patterns by which the psyche evolves. Enantiodromia literally means things turning into their opposite. While Heraclitus felt that this applied to the...

The Importance of Grounding

What Does Grounding Even Mean? Although we all seem to have an intuitive sense, the longer I (Florian) have thought about it, the more different definitions or aspects become apparent to me. One common meaning of grounding is being connected to the ground, to the...

Shadow Work, Challenging Times and the Dark Goddess

“When the going gets weird, the weird go pro.” Hunter S. Thompson I (Florian) don’t know about you, but to us it’s recently felt like the earth changes have been turned up a few notches. It feels that familiar power structures, social structures, political structures...

Join us at Aromagnosis and find your soul’s purpose and unique spark. Learn to look at yourself in new ways and dig deep into all parts of yourself. We teach and guide you how to do this through a powerful combination of aromas, psychology and personal journeying.



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With so much focus outward, what a relief to be guided and supported back to the inner journey.”

Using “scents” known as one of the most powerful agents to retrieve unconscious memories, I found very powerful.”


Cathy & Florian are the most delightful teachers. Extremely knowledgeable and good humans – highly recommend learning with them and AromaGnosis!”

-Lolly Laure A’Bell

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The shadow may carry the best of the life we have not lived.” Marion Woodman

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