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AromaGnosis combines aromatherapy, psychology, plant consciousness, spirituality and personal journeying for healing the mind, emotions and the soul in live and online classes. In partnership with aromas and plants, we offer a truly holistic approach to healing ourselves and others.

A New Paradigm in Aromatic Healing

yerba Mansa Flower

Profound Teaching


Linking the ancient alchemical processes of plant distillation with our own emotional/spiritual/physical process is profoundly holistic. The focus on doing our own inner deep work as the only true offering we can give this world is empowering. With so much focus outward, what a relief to be guided and supported back to the inner journey.”  Beth Mc Bride

“The teachings on ‘Healing the Wounded Healer’ have exposed me to yet another path of learning with plants in different forms; the whole plants, essential oils, and hydrosols. The information imparted has such depth and transformation. What a gift! This teaching is in my heart.”

-Jenna S


I really appreciate the depth of your knowledge on the subjects of alchemy and aromatherapy, and the many years of experience you each brought to the course. The concepts of alchemy have always been somewhat elusive for me, and I’m so thrilled to gain some understanding of them with the support of aromatherapy.”

-Billie K

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