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Hi, we’re Cathy Skipper and Florian Birkmayer, MD and we’re here to empower you with the tools, wisdom and experiences to live your soul’s purpose!

Our gift of really “seeing” you and your greatest potential will help you find your higher purpose and connect with your Self.

Discover the gift in your wounds and re-align with your whole Self using aromas from Cathy’s Attars, our sister site and other powerful tools so you can fulfill your purpose here on earth. More about us…

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What Animals Can Teach Us About Our Unconscious Patterns

I believe more than just buying or acquiring a pet, animals come into our lives for much deeper reasons and our job is to recognize these reasons so the soul healing that is being invited in between human and animal can fully manifest. I know the soul journey and the...

Sovereignty and the Dark Goddess

Over the last week, the world hasn’t stopped talking about the Queen, the new king, the dynamics of the royal family. I even noticed a video today of Charles having a spoilt hissy fit about a leaking ink pen – is that something anyone really needs to witness? Whatever...

My Mother Was Sacrificed Before I Was Born

“The woman I needed to call my mother was sacrificed before I was born.” Adrienne Rich A story began a hundred years before I was born. It wove its narrative through the lives of my great-great-grandmother, my great-grandmother, my grandmother and my mother. I was...

Exposing the Inner Tyrant

I have become aware over the last few days of the terrible incident where Gabby Petio, the young blogger from Vanlife, was found dead. I watched the hour-long police video some days before of her and her boyfriend being stopped because of dangerous driving. The result...

The Shadow Side of Psychedelic Therapy

A specter is haunting society, and that specter is psychedelic therapy. More precisely, it is the unconscious attitudes around psychedelics, which include a messianic projection of healing, salvation, success and profit onto psychedelic molecules, or Plant Spirit...

Negative Capability – Carve My Cup Deeply

by Florian Birkmayer, MD “In order for the branches of the tree of life to grow into heaven, the roots have to grow into hell.” –C. G. Jung in the “Red Book” Some years ago, I came across the term “Negative Capability” in an article by Philip Pullman (who wrote the...

Healing Addiction with Personal Myth

Will power doesn’t heal addiction – living your personal myth does Florian is an addiction specialist and together we have taught classes in Europe and the US on “The Alchemy of Addiction.” In the class we offer the perspective that addiction cannot be healed by will...

Join us at Aromagnosis and find your soul’s purpose and unique spark. Learn to look at yourself in new ways and dig deep into all parts of yourself. We teach and guide you how to do this through a powerful combination of aromas, psychology and personal journeying.


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With so much focus outward, what a relief to be guided and supported back to the inner journey.”

Using “scents” known as one of the most powerful agents to retrieve unconscious memories, I found very powerful.”

Cathy & Florian are the most delightful teachers. Extremely knowledgeable and good humans – highly recommend learning with them and AromaGnosis!”
-Lolly Laure A’Bell

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The shadow may carry the best of the life we have not lived.” Marion Woodman

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