Meta-Psychedelic Coaching

Meta comes from the Ancient Greek meaning ‘after’ or ‘beyond.’ What I offer in my coaching and with my suggested aromatic allies takes you beyond the benefits of psychedelics.

I behold you and your individual path of transformation.

What Others Are Saying About This Experience

“Through your gentle guidance in preparing and integrating, I was able to reclaim a wise inner-child part of myself that I had forgotten, but that was always there.”
Ron W.
“I've struggled with my issues for a long time, and now I feel a real shift in how I relate to them. I feel hope.”
Steph H.

I have a lot of experience with helping people prepare for psychedelic journeys and help integrate after. It is becoming apparent and accepted that the most important aspects of psychedelic therapy are the ‘before’ (preparing) and ‘after’ (integrating) and many people can benefit from guidance for those aspects beyond the psychedelic experience.

My many years as a psychiatrist have taught me about the effects of a variety of these spirit teachers on the body and possible interactions.

I’ve learned that the best predictors of a good experience are to have deep intentions and competent sitters. Over the years, I’ve helped a lot of people prepare for their psychedelic therapy experiences, including clarifying authentic intentions.

Without adequate preparation, there are risks and limits to the process.

I will help you on why you are doing this and what you hope to get out of it. We will explore your conscious desires and unconscious motivations.

I will help you with the ground work, that is a prerequisite to make the most of the experience. 

I will help you get clear on intentions and intentionality, in a holistic union of Ego and Soul, or conscious and unconscious. 

You may have a lot of questions beforehand, including how to determine whether a guide or sitter is a good fit and safe, how to prepare and other considerations.

The most important question in psychedelic therapy is how to integrate the insights you have received and how to change your life. The greatest danger is to open the door to your unconscious, your soul and then ignore or disregard its messages to you.

With my 30 years of experience in psychiatry and psychedelic therapy, I will help you embody the messages you have received into enduring inner transformation.


…if you’re curious or ready to explore psychedelic therapy, but need your questions answered and your intentions clarified…

…you want to make the most of your experience through proper integration…

…you want to cut through the hype…

…I’d be honored to work with you.

The initial sessions are 90min so we can really get to know each other. Subsequent sessions are usually 60min. The initial session is $300, subsequent sessions are $200.

In my experience, 2 to 3 sessions around your experience is all most people need. My goal is to empower you to make the most of your experience, how best to integrate them into your life and above all to not turn you into a ‘professional patient.’


You, like each of us, have a unique soul path. Work with me to embrace your soul’s calling.

Florian Birkmayer, MD is a wounded healer with years of experience guiding people through their challenges to a place of empowerment. He previously worked for years as a holistic psychiatrist.

B.A. in Molecular Biology from Princeton University. M.D. from College of Physicians & Surgeons, Columbia University. Psychiatry Residency at the University of New Mexico. Board-certified in Psychiatry. ASAM-certified in Addiction Medicine. Certified Life Coach (CLCI). 

Selected Publications:

Birkmayer F. (2022). Essential Oils for the Wounded Healer: PTSD, Post-Traumatic Resilience and the Wounded Healer’s Journey. International Journal of Professional Holistic Aromatherapy. 11(3), p. 37-41.

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