Making Incense

I go through a lot of incense, because it is one of the offerings I use on my ancestor altar daily. I like the daily habit of sharing pleasant smelling plant material with my people and seeing the aromatic smoke swirling upwards with my prayers and blessings with it....

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Why Ancestral Healing became Central to my Life and Work

by Cathy Skipper I want to give an outline of what bought me to this work and why it has become central to my life. I have my ancestors to thank for being here today, for finding my personal myth and being able to share it with the world. I was born into a family...

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The Feminine is Rising through our Maternal Bloodlines

by Cathy Skipper We cannot be from more than one clan. It would be too confusing.  Nature is infinitely wise in a way that sometimes eludes us. One of the main aspects of my own ancestral work and the work I share with others is about reconnecting with our indigenous...

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Autumnal Musings

After a busy summer, teaching in various countries, re-visiting childhood and family places, meeting many wonderful people, bathing in beautiful landscapes, the gentler pulse of autumn has arrived. Like Angelica (Angelica sylvestris) the expansion of summer and the...

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Unveiling the Death Mother

On a recent visit to the UK, I read in a magazine that “mental health is the new physical health.” In my personal and professional life, I have definitely found that mental health is the foundation for overall wellness. Relationships seem to be the main weather gauge...

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Decolonizing the Maternal Bloodline

Decolonizing the Maternal Bloodline by Cathy Skipper My journey with the feminine has been a long and intense road. It started by being born to an Anglo-Indian mother who had come to the UK in the thirties as a child. She and her sister were very close, and both...

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Healing the Mother Line

However hard I tried, I couldn’t understand what the old man wanted from me. Every evening before sunset, my two young sons and I walked down to the edge of the river Ganges with other Rainbow family hippies. Every evening an old, nomadic farmer, playing dice with his...

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Aromatic Shamanism – A Manifesto

We have been thinking about writing this article for a while now. It is an open letter to the aromatherapy world about our calling and how we have decided to address the important issue of sustainability of essential oils. It is our manifesto.I, Cathy, trained in...

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Aromatic Allies for Historical Trauma

The more I work with my own trauma and facilitate workshops about trauma, the more I realize the importance of working with historical and transgenerational trauma. We are not isolated humans in isolated lives, we are part of a larger picture. That larger picture consists of our own individual family trees and their place within a community and a larger collective.

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