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Aromatic Allies for Healing Historical Trauma

The more I work with my own trauma and facilitate workshops about trauma, the more I realize the importance of working with historical and transgenerational trauma. We are not isolated humans in isolated lives, we are part of a larger picture. That larger picture...

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Light Up Winter with St. John’s Wort

What better time of the year to talk about St. John’s Wort (Hypericum perforatum) than as we approach the winter solstice; a time when nature is fast asleep under a duvet of snow and all is still. The days are short now, and will be at their shortest around the 21st...

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Scents of Belonging

As you may well have realized by now, I am passionate about the importance of reconnecting with and healing our ancestral lineages. The journey of the wounded healer is central to the work of AromaGnosis. The more I advance on my journey, the more I realize that...

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