Aromatic Allies for Historical Trauma

The more I work with my own trauma and facilitate workshops about trauma, the more I realize the importance of working with historical and transgenerational trauma. We are not isolated humans in isolated lives, we are part of a larger picture. That larger picture consists of our own individual family trees and their place within a community and a larger collective.

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Gemmotherapy/Tree Bud Medicine

What is Gemmotherapy?This is a vast topic, very old and yet very new at the same time. .The name ‘gemmotherapy’ confuses people as it is often mistaken for crystals therapy. The root of the word “gemma’ has several meanings in Latin, these include ‘precious stone’,...

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Hydrosols – The Quiet Revolution in Plant Medicine!

Distillation and hydrosols: connecting herbalists to aromatherapy. For a while now, I have been wondering why hydrosols do not play a more important role in both aromatic and herbal medicine. The more I work with them, the more I realize their potential and the more I...

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Listening to Trees

It was a sunny winter’s day, I sat down on the soft forest floor enjoying the way the light came through the gaps in the trees and rested on a clump of young hazelnut shoots lighting them up like stars within the darkness, and I let my pen write… “Listening to oneself...

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Making and Using Flower Essences

I was 18 the first time I came across flower essences and working as a waitress in in London whilst at the same time studying to be a drama teacher. One of the other waitresses presented me with the list and uses of the Bach Flower remedies one evening before work and...

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Making and Using Hydrosols – Home distilling

The word hydrosol, ‘hydro’ water and ‘sol’ solution means water solution and refers to the fact that a hydrosol is water containing plant molecules, it is produced alongside essential oil in the process of steam distillation and sometimes referred to as flower water....

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