Guided Aromatic Journey

A monthly group to deepen your connection with essential oils with Cathy Skipper & Florian Birkmayer MD

Join us in a safe space to experience the transformative power of aromas.

Explore and deepen your relationship to aromas with a supportive and committed group.

Learn how to incorporate aromatic allies into your life and work.

Time, Guidance, Aromatic Allies and Support

Two-hour monthly zoom meetings.

We will mail you the essential oil for each monthly session. 

The sessions will be recorded and available only to participants. This is useful for revisiting the guided journey.

The aim of the sessions is to learn how to connect with an essential oil beyond the intellect.

Your sense of scent will improve. 

Your sense of connectedness to yourself, others, plants and Nature will improve.

This practice will empower you to explore the synergies between aromas and psychedelic therapy. 

The Essential Oil for the next session (August) will be Labdanum.

What People Are Saying

“A rich experience!”
“Really wonderful!"
"These more subtle (no less potent) allies are wildly supportive and I'd love more guidance.”
“Your aromas are like a set of beautiful paints and I want to learn how to paint with them.”

The Aromatic Journey

Next Session: Wednesday August 14.

Subsequent sessions: Wednesdays September 11, October 9 and (in general) the second Wednesday of every month after that.

Times: 6-8pm US Mountain Time, that’s 5-7pm Pacific, 7-9pm Central, 8-10pm Eastern.

Your investment: 

1 session for US$40, which includes a 1ml vial of essential oil mailed to you. (There’ll be a surcharge for postage outside the US, currently US$15.)

3 sessions for US$100 which includes 3 1ml vials of essential oils mailed to you.

Here's How It Works:
1. Click one of the Sign Up Now buttons
2. When you’ve entered your payment information, you'll receive an email with the login information for the class.

About Us:

Cathy Skipper & Florian Birkmayer, MD have been pioneering the use of essential oils for personal transformation and to enhance psychedelic assisted therapies, in collaboration since 2015, preceeded by years of individual work.  The traditional spiritual use of aromas has been mostly forgotten.

Cathy and Florian have led the way in combining aromas with psychedelic assisted therapies. They have taught many therapists and journeyers. A cornerstone of their approach is a holistic model of the psyche, which includes ancestral traumas. 


Question: How is this different from your Aromatic Circle?

Answer: In contrast with the Aromatic Circle, these longer sessions will focus on journeying with a different oil each month.

Question: What if the time doesn’t work for me?

Answer: You could still sign up, get the essential oil and watch the recording.

Question: What if I think I don’t have a good enough sense of smell?

Answer: We can vouch from personal experience that with practice, your sense of smell gets better. Due to our dissociating society, many of us have become ‘blind’ to our sense of smell. Don’t let that stop you.