Ancestral Healing

Heal & Transform intergenerational and historical traumas that are holding you back in life! 

You are interested in and feel pulled towards your ancestry, but beyond doing a DNA test and researching family documents, you don’t know what else to do to deepen your connection.

However much therapy you do, it is hard to put your finger on why you keep repeating certain traumatic patterns in your life. You get the feeling it goes beyond this lifetime and is connected to one or more of your bloodlines.

You are a therapist, healer or health practitioner and you wonder if the ancestral stories your clients are carrying have a more important part to play in people’s emotional and physical well-being than you previously believed?

You see yourself and other family members suffering from trauma and addiction that you know has been passed down through the generations, but you don’t know how to start working on your ancestral lines to stop these destructive patterns.




In the Ancestral Healing online journey you will:


Identify and heal unresolved traumas passed down through generations. This will help present generations heal and have a ripple effect on past and future generations.

Identify and connect with your ‘clan’, which will give you a sense of belonging that many of us have lost touch with as we are so totally disconnected from where we come from. The energy that comes through your maternal bloodline from your ancient ancestors is what got you here in the first place and reconnecting with it will give you a renewed sense of life force, purpose and vital life energy.

Learn to see that the despair, victimhood, shame and guilt that you, your family members or clients are feeling has its roots in the past and that by working with our ancestral lines you will be able to heal the past, present and future generations and connect with the gifts that you have inherited from your ancient ancestors.




  • Finally seeing the patterns coming through your bloodlines and realizing the traumas you have been living are not yours, but unresolved traumas from the past and that you can work with your healthy ancestors to stop these traumas being repeated once and for all.
  • Having a living connection to your healthy ancestors and your ancestral clan and receiving guidance and support for your life. 
  • Having the skills, the understanding and the practical tools to heal long-standing ancestral traumas and patterns and being able to use these to help not only yourself but others, too.
  • Connecting with the gifts, medicines, foods and plants that are your birthright because they come from your ancestral lineages and they are a part of you.


These are some of the results people get after journeying through our Ancestral Healing online journey. This journey will change the way you relate to your ancestors.


Your guides on this journey

Cathy Skipper is an international teacher, plant person and healer who brings 30 years of teaching, healing and plant experience as well as her highly attuned intuition and experience of ‘seeing the person within’ to this work.

Florian Birkmayer, MD is a holistic psychiatrist with 20 years of experience guiding people through their challenges to a place of empowerment. His gift is that he sees the fullest potential in each of his clients.

We are excited to be your guides on this exciting journey of Ancestral Healing.

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At the end of this journey you will:


Have a deep understanding of ancestral recognition, veneration and worship in different cultures and the plants used. This will provide you with the background to understand the living ancestral worship our own ancestors practiced.

Have become intimate with your four principal ancestral bloodlines and connected with their influences on your life. You will have learnt how to tune into these four lines, diagnosed their state of well being and worked with them in order to facilitate their healing so that you and other members of your lineage are no longer impacted by their un-integrated traumas and difficulties.

Understand the difference between the maternal bloodline and your other bloodlines and be able to connect with your maternal ancestral groups from pre-patriarchal times. You will have a deep understanding of the role of the feminine in ancestral healing and feel its importance in healing the world today.

Have developed detective skills and become familiar with interpreting and using DNA results as well as mapping out genealogical trees and doing historical research to trace the known but also the hidden aspects of a family tree, which will enable you to find out much more about your ancestors, where they came from and what happened to them.

Identify and connect with your ancestral clan to feel their ancestral guidance and support and a sense of deep belonging. 

Be able to identify ancestral traumas their unresolved grief. See how your life’s challenges can relate to these traumas that have not yet been dealt with including victim, perpetrator and bystander trauma, and have the skills to stop yourself reliving your ancestor’s traumas.

Have the skills to not only understand your own trauma and connect with your own bloodlines but have the techniques and tools to help others and integrate ancestral healing into your own healing modality as a practitioner.


Ancestral Healing online journey includes:


Video Guidance by Cathy – 15 videos by Cathy introducing each lesson to get you going and make sure you understand the focus of each.

The journey – 15 text lessons with some audio and video to highlight the different themes being explored.

Making it real – Exercises and assignments with every lesson so you can put the work you will learn into action with your own lineages and ancestors.

Reconnecting – Guided visualizations that help you to connect with your ancient and healthy ancestors, ancestral guides and ancestral can

Email support throughout the course.

Access to a private Facebook Group to share and ask questions with Cathy and Florian and the other members of the Ancestral Healing Journey.

Lifetime access to the class material so you can take the time you need to take the journey and go back to refer to or deepen the work.

Certification on completion of the class.

I’m fascinated how I felt called to do this work (connecting with the unnamed ancestors) without having the language to do so prior. This experience gave me the language and ability to connect which feels very empowering. I enjoyed the layout of the class, how it was structured and how it built upon itself.” Samantha


Well today I listened to Cathy’s journey to meet the head of my maternal clan…even before the drumming started I could sense her there…then I got my own drum out and played a slow healing heart beat and i sensed she was playing hers too. I did sense others around too but mainly I just needed Motherlove from her. I felt compelled to draw her even though the picture only has a vague resemblance. Afterwards i looked up Harebell flower essence on Findhorn Flower Essences page(made in Scotland which is where i feel a lot of my clan is from) and it felt exactly right for me as well as spotting Reindeer Lichen essence which im also going to take…..this journey is AWESOME!”  -Paula T.

“Cathy is one of the most delightful teachers. Extremely knowledgeable and a good human – highly recommend learning with her and AromaGnosis!”-Laura




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