Aroma and Gnosis both come from Ancient Greek. We all know what Aroma means. Gnosis means the direct perception of spiritual realities. Through scent, we have the opportunity to reclaim our living relationship to plants and all of nature, seen and unseen. We see a beautiful synthesis between aromatherapy, C. G. Jung’s view of alchemy as a model of the collective unconscious and the Wounded Healer’s Journey as central to all healing. Aromatherapy demonstrates the mental and emotional power of aromatic molecules. Jung’s view provides a framework for working with the collective unconscious, which is the origin of all life.

We are developing a series of classes, online and in person, that combine aromatherapy, psychology, plant consciousness, spirituality and personal journeying. It is more than an advanced training program that teaches information and concepts, because our own personal transformation is central. We hope to offer a truly holistic approach to healing ourselves and others.

We invite you to join us …