Balancing Blend Consultation

There have been a lot of shifts and changes in your life recently and you need some help aligning and balancing the different parts of yourself.

You would like a scent that resonates with your soul — beyond just smelling good, it’s uniquely yours.

You dream of your personal signature fragrance that helps you to stay centered and true to yourself.

You are working on integrating different parts of yourself and becoming more whole and would like a signature blend that helps you achieve this.

You dream of a blend that resonates and inspires you to connect with your imagination.

You experience anxiety or depression and want a personal, gentle yet effective way of empowering you to overcome these everyday challenges.

You want to feel sexier and more embodied in a way that resonates with who you truly are and not what other others want you to be.

In this in-depth, multi-dimensional and unique blending process. I create a custom aromatic blend for your individual alignment.


  • Having a custom-made essential oil blend prescribed uniquely for you that brings you into mental, emotional and spiritual alignment.
  • Feeling your subtle bodies resonating harmoniously together every time you use your unique blend.
  • Having your very own blend that balances your personality.
  • Having a blend that speaks to the secret core of your being and reconnects you with your own vital life force.
  • An aromatic blend that is created with you and for you, including your mental, emotional, and spiritual needs.
  • Having aromatic allies that help you evolve on your unique journey of psychic growth.
  • Feeling your inner authentic self resonating with your own signature blend of oils.
  • Having a blend that centers you while simultaneously fine-tuning your powers of perception.

The Process

Stage One: An individual two-hour session in person or via zoom that includes:
  • An assessment of your whole psyche including the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies in order to identify any imbalances that need addressing.
  • Defining and setting intentions for the blend.
  • A card reading to bring to light the unconscious aspects.
Stage Two: We tune into you intuitively and journey into each aspect of the psyche and the information shared during the individual session until we have found the right oil for each of your subtle bodies. We try the oils in combination while tuning into you and work on finalizing the formula including the proportions. When the blend is ready, we send you a 5ml bottle of your unique blend of pure essential oils with instructions for psychological balancing.

Balancing Blend Consultation - $450

This includes a 2 hour consultation, 6 hours of mapping and blending and also the custom blend of high quality essential oils.

Here's How to Get Started

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