Cathy’s Story

In 2015, over a period of 6 months, I lost my mum, met my soul partner, moved continents, was diagnosed with cancer and had all my worldly possessions thrown away by my father. This huge life change felt like a death, the old me was dying and I was in a gateway, where I could die of cancer or if I survived be reborn.

Thanks to my husband Florian, a holistic psychiatrist, I discovered the work of Carl Jung and Marion Woodman, my favorite teacher, writer and wise woman, who took Jungian concepts into the realm of the feminine.

Finding my twin flame also provided for the first time in my life, a safe space where all of myself was welcome for this healing journey.

With the help of aromas, journaling, affirmations, Jungian depth psychology, psychedelics, a twin flame relationship, the desert…I navigated the journey to healing and rebirth. It was a question of life or death. I used the alchemical stages as a road map and charted my journey, this eventaully became the Alchemy of Menopause program.

With a fine-tooth comb, I relived every moment of my life seeing things with a new perspective, fully feeling, discovering my ancestral story, my allies, working with my shadow, journeying, using ritual and ceremony. It took me five whole years until I got to a place where finally for the first time in my life, I felt fully anchored and that I belonged to myself. Being in my body, hearing my own voice, relating to others, my soul’s purpose all took on a new felt meaning.

I used the tools that resonated for me and wove my own healing story through my life. I couldn’t have done it without my ancestors. 

The day my mum died, my relationship with Florian grew closer and everything began to change. The death of the old self was the death of the false self that my mum had unconsciously through her own wounded self, asked me to carry to save her from facing her deep wounds. It died with her; it could not survive without her as she was the only person that kept this false self alive. It died with the diagnosis of cervical cancer, it died because it was the prison door my mom created to keep me from my birthright, the mother line.

The mother line is the thread that connects us to our people, our roots, our clan, our vital life force – my journey was to reconnect with it. It was a beautiful, intensely healing and powerful journey that gifted me the unbreakable connection with my people, my clan and my force. It is this journey that is at the heart of our, Ancestral Healing class.

All my work is based on my own journey as a wounded healer. I coach and teach from a place of experience. I am totally familiar with navigating the unconscious realms, the ancestral realms, the plant and animal realms. Let me be your guide.