Individual Consultations Online or in Person

Cathy Skipper and Florian Birkmayer, MD offer individual consultations together in-person and online (via whatsapp, Skype or facetime) using their unique approach which they call Aromatic Shamanism. These consultations:

  • Help you optimize your potential.
  • Teach you to transform life’s challenges into opportunities for growth and transformation.
  • Heal family systems and ancestral lineages.

Clients have described them as “life-changing.”

Sessions usually last 1.5 to 2 hours.

Cost: $200 for the initial consultation and $150 for follow-ups. Ask us about sliding scale prices for those in need.

Please e-mail us at to book an appointment. When we travel to teach (see our schedule of live classes), we are also available for in-person consultations in those locations. 

Upcoming Schedule of Consultations:

Taos, New Mexico: We are available for Individual Consultations in Taos on an ongoing basis, when we are not traveling.

Bellingham, WA: Monday Aug 26.

Asheville, NC: Monday Sep 30.

New Jersey: Monday Oct 28.

Eureka, CA: Monday Nov 4.


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