Feeling Overwhelmed?

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A 60 minute consultation on coping with overwhelm with Cathy and Florian.

Feeling overwhelmed? Let us help you become aware of the emotional mechanics of fear and overwhelm and learn to transform fear into an ally.

You’re struggling with fear and don’t know how to stop worrying. Work with us to understand the shadow of the fear and how to grow through fear.

One-on-one in our ‘Crisis’ consultation will give you practical approaches to transform fear.

We won’t teach you a process, we’ll help you become the process.


  • Feeling that you can tolerate and transform anxiety and fear.
  • Discovering the hidden power in the shadow of your fear.
  • Being empowered to live your soul’s purpose in times of ‘crisis’ and any time.
  • Being the best version of yourself.

Our consultation will provide you with ongoing skills to cope with stressful and unpredictable times.

Cathy Skipper is an international teacher and healer who brings her highly attuned intuition and experience of ‘seeing’ the person within to these sessions.

Florian Birkmayer, MD is a holistic psychiatrist with years of experience guiding people through their challenges to a place of empowerment.

More about us…

By working with us you will:

  • Learn practical skills to cope with overwhelm.
  • Transform challenges into stepping stones.
  • Become intimate with all parts of yourself (emotions, mind, spirit and shadow) and discover your connection with the whole universe.
  • Become more fully yourself not just for you but because the world needs you!

“Cathy Skipper and Florian Birkmayer are offering some deep wisdom to the world. I am refreshed and renewed and doorways to the work I’ve been trying to manifest have opened.” Leslie L

“Florian and Cathy bring deep meaning through a multidisciplinary structure, personal vulnerability and experience. This experience was the most valuable commitment of time and to self that I have had all year.I will carry with me these tools for years to come. If you are fortunate enough to spend time with these two incredible souls, I recommend you take it!” Jane M

I have to say, I am deeply grateful to the two of you. The humility, transparency, courage, and humor that you specifically bring is invaluable. It would be easy for someone with this knowledge to wield it for power-over others and for that approach to translate into a sense of hierarchy: it never even remotely went there. It was evident from the outset you are committed to this work in your own lives. Your compassion and affection were palpable.” Kristina B

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Click on the ‘Yes I’m ready for my consultation’ button.
  2. You will automatically receive an email with instructions on how to schedule your consultation.
  3. A few minutes before the session we will email you a link for the zoom meeting, including a link to download zoom if you need.

If you still have questions, please get in touch at info@aromagnosis.com  we will be happy to help.