Intuitive Blending

A Six Month Subscription

Limited Edition



with Cathy Skipper and Florian Birkmayer MD


​This Intuitive Blending Subscription consists of a monthly box of essential oils, scent sticks and other blending tools along with a monthly manual and video for six months.

With over twenty years of aromatic healing work and teaching under my belt, I’ve come up with a system of intuitive blending that is easy to learn and use and extremely powerful and effective as a healing modality.”

This isn’t just a regular subscription. This whole package will have a long-lasting impact on the way you work with essential oils for your own healing and that of your clients.

Each month you will learn and practice a new step of how to blend for the whole psyche, how to approach the oils and how to bring it all together to help you and your clients heal deeply and profoundly.




Areas covered in this in-depth step by step Intuitive Blending Subscription:

  • The history of sacred scents and the Myrrophore tradition
  • The psychology of smell (psycho-aromatherapy and aroma-chology)
  • The anatomy of the psyche
  • What the psyche is and how it functions
  • The role of fragrance in psychological healing
  • Therapeutic and energetic qualities of essential oils for each aspect of the psyche
  • The physiology of smell and the analogy with musical notes/alphabets
  • Learning to smell
  • Odor types in essential oils – aromatic groups
  • Attars
  • Safety
  • Carrier oils
  • Oils for end of life and other healing paths
  • Equipment and tools for intuitive blending
  • Working with the client
  • Creating a questionnaire based on the anatomy of the psyche
  • Sample client sessions
  • The idea of synergy
  • Creating a map of the psyche and other elements for blending on.
  • Choosing oils for each aspect of the psyche
  • Tuning in intuitively with some tools to help you do this
  • Dosages/ratios and blending the final oil
  • Feedback for the client



Here is a testimonial of one of my regular clients about intuitive blending:

The way I tune into the work you do is each oil is a part of me you’re putting together to help me actualize all my parts for full and complete connection with Self so I become the most amazing version of myself- my full expression”


Your Facilitators Cathy Skipper & Florian Birkmayer MD

Florian and Cathy in Tucson

Cathy Skipper is an international teacher, plant person and healer who brings 30 years of teaching, healing, and plant experience, her highly-attuned intuition, and her mastery at ‘seeing the person within’ to this work. Find out more about her here.

Florian Birkmayer MD is a wounded healer and formerly an aromatic, holistic/heretical psychiatrist. With Cathy he is the co-developer of the AromaGnosis approach, which offers a roadmap to working with the unconscious to reconnect to our ancestors and nature. For more about Florian, click here.


What you will receive each month:

1) An in-depth video of Cathy and Florian talking about the month’s theme.

2) An in-depth manual (PDF) on the month’s theme with exercises and practical instructions

3) A selection of essential oils for each aspect of the psyche.

4) Twenty scent strips

11) Other blending tools

There will be an exclusive, participants-only Slack workspace in which we can exchange discoveries, insights, resources, etc.


This subscription is a limited edition of 50. 

The subscription will initially start on February 8, 2023. That means if you sign up before February 8, you’ll receive your first box, manual and video around February 8. If you sign up later, you’ll receive your first box a few days after you sign up, until all subscriptions are sold out.


The current edition of the Intuitive Blending Subscription is SOLD OUT.

We hope to launch the next edition later in 2023. It will be another limited edition.

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