Our Graduates

Meet some of our Teacher Training graduates who are synergizing our AromaGnosis approach with other healing modalities in their own unique and authentic ways.

Following the never-ending transformative spirit of alchemy, our teachings remain alive and evolve through these beautiful fellow travelers and students.

Carey Kluckow

Carey Kluckow is a therapist, herbalist and clinical aromatherapist who works in palliative care and with clients with trauma. She is a graduate of the AromaGnosis Teacher Training and has taken many of our classes. She lives in the UK. She is committed to her own path as a Wounded Healer and using essential oils and flower essences as allies.

Erika Galentin

Erika is a Clinical Herbalist and an ITEC certified Clinical Aromatherapist consulting from Sovereignty Herbs in Athens & Columbus, OH. She holds a degree in Herbal Medicine from the University of Wales, Cardiff, UK and Scottish School of Herbal Medicine, Glasgow, UK. She is a professional member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists (UK) and the American Herbalists Guild (USA). Through her clinical practice Erika is able to encourage positive, learned relationships between plants and people. She is a firm believer in celebrating the role humanity plays in the ecology of our landscapes and that our relationships with the natural world should be based upon reciprocity and exchange. She is the author of The Family Guide to Aromatherapy: A Safe Approach to Essential Oils for a Holistic Home

You can find out more about her at Sovereignity Herbs and The Medicine Gardener.

Summer Starr

Summer Starr is the founder of Wild Lotus Living, which is about leaning into life’s challenges with compassion, awareness and a love for the creative process. Growth often occurs in cycles of destruction and rebirth. Summer helps individuals become more aware of these cycles and leverage the wisdom of them for personal evolution. She uses the principles of Resonance Repattering, a pyscho-spiritual tool for transformation, as well as AromaGnosis, to help individuals tap into their own deep powers for personal evolution. Sessions may be done over the phone if an individual has access to certain essential oils – to be arranged before scheduling. Learn more: https://www.wlotusliving.com/alchemical.html In this interview we asked Summer to tell us more about her approach, how she has incorporated AromaGnosis principles into her work and what she’s gotten out of our classes including our Teacher Training.