AromaGnosis Mentorship SPRING 2022

A 3 Month Live Online Journey

Find Yourself and Transform Your Life

We have decided on dates for the mentorship for Spring 2022. Every Friday starting 3/11/22 until 5/20/22 (skipping 4/22/22).

Learn to Navigate your Unconscious and Live your Soul’s Purpose.

You Deserve it!

As Ash Sierra of Ritual Botanica who participated in a recent mentorship said: “Like everything AromaGnosis has to offer, the aromatic mentorship was deeply transformative. I went in with little exceptions other than I knew there was a piece missing and truly felt having a longer program was where I would be able to birth that mystery into my consciousness and work on another level. I can say that’s exactly what happened. I am a more full, authentic, aware and happier version of myself.” 

Are you tired of feeling:

  • Disconnected from yourself, your soul, nature and your personal myth?
  • That your shadow is continually sabotaging you and undermining your efforts?
  • Overwhelmed with the current environmental, social and political crises in the world?
  • Trapped in the same, repetitive narrative with no way out?
  • Tired of trying lots of classes and modalities and not finding the thing that really changes your life?
  • Isolated from like-minded people and kindred spirits who understand you?
  • Frustrated and lost without a tried and tested method or roadmap for your inner journey?
  • Stuck in life-long addictive patterns?

You’re Not Alone!

“I am very grateful I was able to attend the AromaGnosis 2020 mentorship program. I entered to gain first and foremost a deeper understanding of myself. I have now added tools to my toolbox in assisting my clients as well. I needed to recharge. I was not in my full power and quite exhausted. The AromaGnosis method of navigating and integrating one’s psyche is profound. I gained much insight in turning trauma into triumph.” Mary Susan Caston, mentorship participant.

If you’re feeling disempowered and exhausted don’t beat yourself up. It’s time to go deeper and befriend yourself by learning to navigate the psyche and find the gift in your wounds.

Here’s the thing…

It’s not about changing what you know, it’s about exploring what you don’t know. What stays in the unconscious controls you and holds you back but when you build a relationship with your unconscious, you liberate the creative energy that is your birth right.

Most people are battling with their shadows, distracting themselves with work, food, technology and other addictive behaviors. If you are not living the best, most authentic and empowered version of yourself, carrying on thinking in the same ways and approaching life with the same old, blunt tools isn’t the answer.

TRANSFORMING YOURSELF AND YOUR LIFE SO THAT YOU FULFILL YOUR SOUL’S PURPOSE requires a complete change in perspective. You need new tools, a new roadmap for life and a deep, working understanding of the psyche and the unconscious.

Intimately knowing all parts of the psyche and having the tools to navigate the conscious and unconscious parts of it are vital skills if you want to be the best version of yourself and a powerful, responsible, effective member of the planet. I (Cathy) am 100% sure of this, because having the skills to process life’s challenges and the traumas and woundedness I was carrying from my life and that of my ancestors has helped me:

  • Heal from cancer and understand what brought me to this diagnoses.
  • Develop healthy, dynamic, loving relationships with my partner and children.
  • Build a career with Florian that is an expression of our soul’s purpose.
  • Heal deep transgenerational trauma that I was carrying and repeating throughout my life.
  • Find the magic in life – develop and have confidence in my own psychic and intuitive gifts.
  • Find my voice and personal signature in teaching, writing and as a healer.

Florian and I still have to face life’s challenges and help our clients navigate theirs but now we have the tools and the mindset to do this effectively and joyfully.

Florian and I still have to face life’s challenges and help our clients navigate theirs but now we have the tools and the mindset to do this effectively and joyfully.

We make our own healing journeys the number one priority in our lives. We honor the unconscious and encourage and welcome any shadow material that is ready to surface at all times. We work intimately with aromatic plant essences as guides to these deeper psychic aspects of the Self. In this way, we no longer blame others for our challenges but have the tools to process, understand and grow from them.

This is why we are offering a ten-week live online tried and tested intensive mentorship program that we know will help you transform your life, reconnect with yourself, your soul, nature and your personal myth so you can finally fully share your unique gift with the world.

Because honoring the unconscious and working with the whole psyche will help you discover there’s much more to you and your life than you could ever imagine.


You can transform your life and live your soul’s purpose every day without feeing exhausted, overwhelmed and joyless anymore.

Dr. Isla Fishburn of Kachina Canine recorded a video testimonial:

Participant Summer Starr says: “Cathy and Florian have a profound sense of the inner work of our times. They have their ears to the heart of the trouble we are facing as global humanity and they bring their wisdom and passion to addressing this. I highly recommend the mentorship for people who wish to deepen their own inner work in a community of like-spirited people and develop ideas for their own practice with others.” 



Recognizing the power the unconscious realms have over us, their importance in healing and learning how to navigate them to empower yourself and transform your traumas into your unique gifts.


Shifting into a new relationship with aromatics that will transform your life and way of working and intuitively guide you in the direction your soul is asking to go in on the journey of healing and self-realization.


Healing your ancestral traumas and inner sacred union so that you can fully embody your personal myth, transform the traumas and inherit the gifts of your people.


Being able to intuit the openings and pathways that would be healing and transformative for your clients and empower them quickly without having to make them into ‘professional clients.’

These are some of the results you will benefit from on completing the AromaGnosis Mentorship.

How does it work?

Every week for four hours we will meet on Zoom and dive deeply into the themes that affect us individually and collectively. We will meet every Friday from March 11 to May 20, skipping April 22. We will meet from 9am-1pm US Mountain Time. That’s 11am-3pm Eastern, 10am-2pm Central, 8am-12pm Pacific. 4pm-8pm GMT (UK), 5pm-9pm CES (Europe). Because daylight savings time will start on different dates in the US (3/13) and Europe (3/27) the class times in the UK and Europe will be different during those weeks.

Over the ten weeks you will:

  • Learn the anatomy of the psyche and journey regularly with aromatics as your guides into the depths of yourself.
  • See your wounds and traumas as a source of growth and by transforming them how they become your greatest gifts.
  • Develop a completely new and mind-blowing relationship with aromatics that will transform your life and way of working. This relationship will intuitively guide you in the direction your soul is asking to go in on the journey of healing and self-realization.
  • Heal your ancestral traumas and understand how these larger family systems are affecting everyone’s lives.
  • Integrate the different parts of yourself in a deep, soulful and sacred union.
  • Develop your intuitive capacity in a way you could never have imagined.
  • Have new and refreshed perspective on your life and your direction.


Click here for the exact dates and an outline of the themes for each month of the course.

Included in the mentorship is a private group (on Slack) where participants can share between sessions with each other and Florian and Cathy.

Each participant gets individual sessions with Cathy and Florian  when needed as we go through the process.

A kit of 17 essential oils and scent strips.

Every meeting will be recorded so you have access to them all.

CEUs available.

Your Guides on this Journey

Cathy Skipper and Florian Birkmayer, MD practice what they preach. They are committed to their Wounded Healers’ Journeys and the Sacred Union.

Cathy Skipper

In 2015, I lost my mum, moved continents, was diagnosed with cancer, lost all the material belongings I owned in the world and spent four years fighting for custody of my son. I left the conventional path of herbalism and aromatherapy behind and let my passion for working with aromatics for deep, soul healing guide me through these difficulties. From this period, Aromagnosis, a powerful and transformative modality of healing developed by myself and my husband Florian Birkmayer MD was born. I am honored to be able to share this deeply transformative and effective healing modality with you.

Florian Birkmayer MD

My calling is to help people find their soul’s purpose in collaboration with my wife Cathy Skipper. I have found using the alchemical view of how our psyches evolve in combination with powerful aromatics deeply and rapidly transformative. I am committed to my Wounded Healer’s path and called to guide others along this path.

The mentorship has been the most profound and revelatory experience of my life! I have such awe and gratitude for Cathy and Florian; they are doing the work that this World needs and guiding us with such care, mindfulness and such Heart-Wisdom.” –Heather Alison Cook


To Apply for the spring 2022 mentorship, please email us at and tell us about yourself and what you hope to get out of the mentorship.

Cost: US$2500 (Early Bird price has been extended.)

We do offer a payment plan.