Aromatherapy and Medicine of the Soul

The Wounded Healer, the Alchemical Journey and the Sacred Union

A 2-day Workshop




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 Course Overview:

Deepen your relationship with aromas and plants.

Are you interested in personal evolution and soul growth?

Use aromatics and plants as your allies to help transform yourself and your clients.

This workshop is intended to:

  • Help develop a deeper and more personal relationship to essential oils.
  • Offer a model that can be used to assist healers on their own journeys and those of their clients.
  • Highlight the importance of soul healing in achieving a state of ‘vitality’ and optimum health.

Course Outline:

This two-day workshop is a deep exploration of methods for “healing the healer.” Based on the Jungian view of alchemy as a model for soul transformation, the workshop will guide you through seven “alchemical stages,” and how they can be applied to healing.

Through exercises and other experiential work, you’ll look at how each stage brings up different emotional states—at different parts of the healing cycle—and how essential oils may help you work through them. In shining a spotlight on soul healing—as vitally important as that for mind and body—the experience helps you not only to use oils in an aromatherapy or psychotherapy practice, but in your own spiritual journey.

Join us for this practical workshop experimenting with essential oils and ways they can guide and assist the alchemical process of soul transformation. The group journey through the seven alchemical stages will include:


  • Looking at how each alchemical stage relates to a different part of the healing cycle.
  • Identifying the different emotional/energetic states that arise in each stage and the essential oils that may help work through them.
  • Exercises and experiential work to deepen the understanding of each stage and the action of certain essential oils.
  • Looking at ways this work can be used with clients in an aromatherapy or psychotherapy practice.Dr. Florian will be bringing his views on the Jungian view of Alchemy as a model for soul transformation, his experience of using essential oils to treat people with PTSD and other issues in his psychiatry practice in New Mexico as well as his deep sensitivity and knowledge of aromatic molecules and olfactory receptors to this work. Cathy will bring her experience of French clinical aromatherapy and kinesiology. Both Cathy and Florian have a personal and professional background in ‘healing the healer’, which will be a central theme of this workshop.This class is for aromatherapists, psychotherapists, herbalists, bodyworkers and anyone in the healing arts who wants to deepen their relationship with aromatic molecules, is committing to their own healing journeys and is interesting in deep soul healing and personal growth.For dates and locations, visit the Live Classes page.


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