How can we live our soul’s purpose if our soul is homeless, if our soul is crying for mama?

I relish these days in my body, in seeing the skin, the muscles, the textures, its aliveness. In knowing and feeling that it is my home, the way my soul experiences the gift of life. And by manifesting this particular body, I chose a story, a DNA and a motherline. I incarnated into a flow, a lineage and a story that isn’t finished yet. We have a responsibility to be here, not just for ourselves, but for our ancestors and our descendants. We are a link in a chain, a drop in the river of our bloodlines. I believe the best work we can do for the planet is to make sure that our motherlines are flowing through us and supporting us, so we can bring our essence into the world. We need to be here to do the work, to be brutally honest with the past, with the stories of our ancestors and what they did or what was done to them or both.

This is big work and it begins with presence. We need to take full residence in this gift of a physical body and life on earth. The mtDNA that flows uniquely through our motherlines is the energy center of each of our cells energetically and symbolically represents matter. Physical matter is the substance of existence. It is the density of the material world that we live in, of the universe and all that resides within it. The Latin word ‘materia’ means not only the substance from which something is made but the heartwood of a tree (madeira). Without its hard inner wood, the tree could not stand nor sway. Its inner structure enables it to connect both to the deepness of the earth and the heights of the cosmos. Without our intimate substance, we too can neither feel the profound ‘coagulatio’ of the material world brought to life by soul, the gift we borrow from our motherline that takes its root in the ancestral mother, nor receive the illumination of spirit. And yes, the world ‘matter’ draws its deep, inner embodied source from ‘mater’ meaning ‘mother’.

When I read on social media that George Floyd called out ‘Mama’ whilst he was being slowly suffocated by the pressure of the officer’s knee on his throat, I felt the call not just to his mama and not just to all the mamas alive in the world today, but the energy of life that was slowly being pushed out of him. Our life energy, our vital life force comes through the motherline in the resonance of the mitochondrial DNA that is the same and flows through all the mothers in our motherline going back to the Ancestral Mother and to Mother Earth. Our souls are all crying for mama.

He called out for life, for the life that was being forcibly taken from him, from his motherline and from the Great Mother. This is a huge symbol and one that we all need to feel deep within our bodies. In some way or another, in all of us the patriarchy that we have internalized is slowly suffocating us, pushing the last breaths of our connection to the Great Mother out of us. African-Americans are on the front line, but it is happening to all of us in some way. In order to be fully embodied and connected to the beautiful, powerful nature of an ensouled life, we must all search within and find the cop within that wants to suffocate our deep connection to ourselves, to nature and to life. This is anti-life, we are not only killing black men on the streets, we are killing the indigenous human that resides in all of us, that is crying for mama, Jung called this part of ourselves, the “2000 year old (hu)man.”

Our ancestors have all taken different routes from their original source and left their lineages with different karmas, different stories to unravel and heal. European lineages have a long journey home and a huge burden to carry. Embodiment demands connection to our motherlines. Our motherlines have been colonized. We therefore must identify and tackle the inner colonizer and track the long and often difficult road home to our clan, to our people. This is our responsibility, none of us are free until we do this. None of us are innocent, until we recognize that cop inside ourselves. We have all been duped, the best colonizer or parasite is the one that you don’t even know is there, the one you defend because you think it’s you.

George Floyd’s crying for ‘Mama’ should not have been cried in vain. All of us, including the plant and animal kingdoms hear George’s cry, even those that deny it vehemently. Each person killed under the force of patriarchy represents a part of each of us. This has to stop! Have you disarmed your inner colonizer?

So, today, I will go down to the river and make an offering, play my drum and feel the cold water from the mountain light up my body’s cells. I will give prayers to those on the front line and welcome home the liberated, indigenous part of myself that I took so long to honor, to be able to own. I will connect with the energy of the earth that is my birthright, that comes through my embodied self, through my motherline and ask for guidance. What is the next step, how can I be of help now that I am home?

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